The Most Superior Anti-Ageing Methods Recognized to Humankind

The Most Superior Anti-Ageing Methods Recognized to Humankind


Bryan Johnson is a profitable entrepreneur, investor, and visionary thinker – and now, primarily based on his extremely standard age reversal Blueprint right here – an icon within the age reversal and longevity communities.

His current foray into incorporating longevity science into his Blueprint contains outcomes similar to:
  • 5.1 yrs epigenetic age reversal
  • Slowed tempo of getting old by the equal of 31 years
  • Now getting old slower than the common 10 yr outdated
  • Splendid muscle & fats (MRI)
  • 50+ optimum medical consequence biomarkers
  • 100+ markers < chronological age
  • A number of health exams = 18yr outdated
  • Physique runs 3°F cooler
Bryan is probably finest identified for co-founding Braintree, a funds firm that was bought to PayPal for $800 million in 2013. After the acquisition, Johnson turned his consideration to growing the subsequent era of transformative applied sciences. He based OS Fund, a enterprise capital agency that invests in firms engaged on scientific breakthroughs to unravel a number of the world’s most urgent issues.

Johnson’s ardour for utilizing know-how to boost the human expertise led him to launch Kernel, an organization that’s constructing superior neural interfaces to enhance human intelligence. Kernel’s mission is to create a brand new period of human intelligence by constructing {hardware} and software program techniques that may increase, restore, and enhance cognitive operate. Johnson believes that these applied sciences have the potential to basically remodel the way in which we stay and work, and will finally assist us resolve a few of humanity’s biggest challenges.

Along with his work with Kernel and OS Fund, Johnson can be a philanthropist and supporter of assorted social and environmental causes. He has pledged to donate no less than half of his wealth to charitable causes and is a signatory of The Giving Pledge, a dedication by a number of the world’s wealthiest people to present away nearly all of their wealth to deal with society’s most urgent issues.

On this dialogue with Bryan, you will learn to use deep science and quantification to push the boundaries of what is doable for you within the realms of lifespan and well being span.

Throughout our dialogue, you will uncover:

-Who’s Bryan Johnson?…06:33

-How did Bryan get entangled with age reversal?…09:23

  • Bryan had his personal downside and a philosophical query
    • He couldn’t management his consuming habits and gained weight
    • On the identical time was serious about the way forward for humanity
  • Kernel Firm
    • Intelligence will permeate all issues
    • Should you can measure the thoughts, you’ll be able to rearrange the society round that thoughts
    • A method to construct the primary mass-market system that may measure the mind and the thoughts
    • Wearable MRI
  • At present in medical research
    • Exploring early indicators of cognitive decline and despair

-Bryan’s expertise along with his age reversal protocol…13:37

  • Age Reversal Blueprint
  • Bryan’s age-reversal laser therapy
  • The outcomes of age reversal methods
    • The discount within the velocity of getting old by the equal of 31 years
    • DunedinPACE
    • Bryan’s accumulation age injury is slower than the common 10-year-old
    • Slower than 88% of 18-year-olds, 94% of individuals his chronological age
  • Podcast with Dr. Cameron Chesnut:
  • TruAge Diagnostics (use code BEN50 to avoid wasting $50 off your Tru Age Package)
  • Podcast with Ryan Smith:
  • Bryan launched Rejuvenation Olympics with Ryan Smith
  • Measuring velocity of getting old – Bryan ranked no. 1
  • How Bryan’s youngsters are responding to the protocol 

-Bryan’s food plan, dietary supplements, and measuring outcomes…18:48

  • 2,000 energy a day
  • Greens, berries, nuts, and seeds
    • Breakfast – cauliflower, broccoli, black lentils, garlic, ginger, mushrooms
    • Mid-day – macadamia nuts, flaxseed, walnuts, pomegranate seeds
    • Dinner – greens, berries, nuts
  • Dietary supplements
  • 400ml of further virgin olive oil and darkish chocolate
  • Each day is similar aside from the third meal which varies
  • Measuring lots of of biomarkers – no deficiencies
  • Each single ingredient is predicated on proof
    • Doesn’t eat something that may’t be measured
  • Hungry on a regular basis, however doesn’t expertise finish drawbacks
  • Low physique temperature – measures waking physique temp each morning
  • Recognized with hypothyroidism at 21
    • Takes iodine
    • At present, all thyroid hormone ranges are regular
  • Ben takes 3,000-3,500 energy a day
  • Drinkable ketones (use code BENG to avoid wasting 20%)
    • Bryan tried them and his liver enzymes spiked
    • 200% in 90 days
  • Bryan takes 100 totally different dietary supplements a day
    • Each complement must be justified
    • The whole lot must be measured
    • Nothing is included simply because it is fashionable

-Bryan’s sleep routine…26:00

  • Sleep is crucial
  • The Kaufmann Protocol: Why we Age and Tips on how to Cease it by Dr. Sandra Kaufmann
  • The Kaufmann Protocol: Ageing Options by Dr. Sandra Kaufmann
  • Podcast with Dr. Sandra Kaufmann
  • Bryan’s workforce systematically reviewed each lifespan examine
    • Organized by the standard of proof
  • Bryan’s workforce are specialists of their given space
  • Measurement is valued above all; the entire thing that allows Blueprint
  • A very good night time’s sleep is Bryan’s no.1 precedence
    • 10 hours of fasting earlier than sleep
    • All meals are earlier than midday in a 6-hour feeding window
  • Drinks a inexperienced big after waking up with 50 dietary supplements
  • Inexperienced big has:
  • Exercise
  • Meals
    • Eats breakfast round 7-8 a.m.
    • Subsequent meal round 9-10 a.m.
    • Final meal 11 a.m.-12 p.m.
  • Ben’s feeding window:
    • First meal round 10-10:30 a.m.
    • Final meal round 8:30 p.m.

-Bryan and Ben’s biohacks for sleep…33:49

  • Turning off 1 hour earlier than sleep is non-negotiable for a superb night time’s sleep
  • Blacked-out bed room
  • Each single night time is similar
  • Goes to mattress round 8 to eight:30 p.m.
  • No napping
  • Ben’s protocol:
    • Mattress at round 9:45 to 10 p.m.
    • Up by 3:45 or 4 a.m.
    • Religious observe
    • HBOT
    • PEMF mats
    • BrainTap (use code BTPARTNER2023 to avoid wasting $100 off the BrainTap Energy Bundle and the BrainTap Headset)
    • Oura ring

-Bryan and Ben’s exercise protocols…38:18

  • 1 hour day by day
  • Attempt to flex and stretch each muscle of the physique
  • Impressed by Ben Patrick’s protocols
  • Podcast with Ben Patrick:
  • The purpose is to cut back getting old
  • Each day the protocol is similar
  • Ben’s exercise routine
  • Bryan used blood circulation bands however could not justify them
  • Bryan’s measuring has a particular goal
    • To decelerate getting old and reverse the injury getting old has achieved
  • Blueprint is targeted on particular targets

-Different applied sciences that Bryan makes use of regularly…43:03

  • Main pillars are:
    • Weight loss program
    • Drugs
    • Prescriptions like
      • Rapamycin
      • Metformin
      • Carbos
      • α-estradiol-17
      • E2, the non-feminizing estrogen
    • Train
    • Sleep
  • Bryan’s workforce didn’t discover proof to make use of hyperbaric; their evaluation discovered it fascinating for acute damage however not for rejuvenation
  • Ben’s household routine with the hyperbaric chamber after sauna
    • Get an additional 30 to 40 seconds on exhale
    • Get an additional 10 to twenty seconds on inhale
  • Typical actions for Ben’s guests:

-The significance of relationships and neighborhood…47:06

  • Bryan was raised in a deeply spiritual neighborhood
  • Moved round totally different communities later
  • At present, constructing his personal neighborhood round people who find themselves additionally on the identical web page
  • How does he align his protocol along with his kids?
    • 17-year-old does all the things he does
    • No “naughty” issues in the home
    • Different family members have their totally different locations in life, totally different priorities

-Bryan’s olive oil and chocolate choice…49:42

  • Extraordinarily specific about all the things
  • 5 ranges of chocolate
    • Stage 1 – there may be no less than some chocolate in that bar
    • Stage 2  – darkish chocolate
    • stage 3 – darkish chocolate (un-Dutched)
    • stage 4 – darkish chocolate (un-Dutched) with out heavy metals
    • stage 5 – darkish chocolate (un-Dutched), no heavy metals, and with excessive polyphenols
  • Like chocolate, all the things they do has 5 layers
  • Very onerous to search out the perfect merchandise; going to make these merchandise obtainable 
  • Un-Dutched chocolate is non-alkalized (acidity will not be neutralized)

-The final time Bryan ate meat…51:17

  • Meat-eater till 3 years in the past
  • Blueprint food plan is the perfect food plan ever and primarily based on information
    • Weight loss program created that produces excellent biomarkers
    • No tribalism, no opinion, solely information
  • Plant-based was Bryan’s choice
    • Doesn’t imply that meat is unhealthy or meat will not be higher
  • Bryan would like to see somebody do it with meat

-Blueprint Protocol and biochemical individuality…52:57

  • Blueprint is an illustration of proof and measurement
    • Dialogue on what we do and why we do it
    • Remove opinion
    • Transfer well being and wellness away from infighting amongst people and be this dispassionate scientific endeavor
  • Large wins and non-negotiables of the protocol:
    • Sleep
    • Essentially the most highly effective anti-aging protocol is to shigh self-destructive behaviors at their root
    • Take management of self-destructive conduct
  • Bryan’s plan for an experiment with 100 individuals to get rid of self-aided destruction (SAD)
  • Begin by agreeing on the essential unhealthy issues
    • Junk meals will not be good
    • An excessive amount of meals will not be good
    • Skipping sleep will not be good
    • Skipping train will not be good
  • Second layer and grey space
    • Social media engagement
    • Gaming
  • 5 totally different behavioral remedy coaches current their college of thought
  • If the exercise accelerates your velocity of getting old, it’s self-destructive
  • Tiny Habits: The Small Adjustments That Change The whole lot by BJ Fogg
  • Mark Manson
  • 5 scientists learn the identical few units of papers and all 5 prescribe totally different protocols
  • Settling all discussions with information

-Threat elements to pay particular consideration to…1:01:40

  • Ben’s predisposition to sure ailments
    • Excessive predisposition to kind 2 diabetes
    • Threat for each colon most cancers in addition to heart problems
    • Buildup of plaque
  • Bryan’s workforce is all these elements, each single organ is evaluated based on markers
  • Bryan lived a damaging life-style in his 20s and 30s
  • Physique bounced again with some care
  • It’s simpler to forestall injury than repair it
  • Uneven getting old of various components of organs
  • Biography of Benjamin Franklin books

-Tips on how to handle the protocol and wholesome life-style when touring…1:05:53

  • Bryan packs his dietary supplements, olive oil, black chocolate, Inexperienced Big, proteins
  • Buys greens regionally
  • Different protocols should not achieved whereas touring however dietary consumption is adopted
  • Get high-quality sleep
  • Ben’s protocol when touring
    • Seek for accommodations or Airbnb which have a well being meals retailer close by and choose up:
  • For 99% of individuals, it isn’t doable for quite a lot of causes
  • Individuals normally really feel overwhelmed
  • It is the concept of stopping unhealthy conduct as probably the most highly effective anti-aging intervention

-Blueprint is the perfect to observe what you do…1:09:01

  • Engaged on a brand new pamphlet concerning the philosophy round Blueprint and a few contemplations about the way forward for being human
  • Kernel

-Ben’s age-reversal methods…1:10:37

  • Ben’s current “Age Reversal” article:
  • Ben has one of many lowest getting old charges at present on file
  • Motion
    • 3 occasions every week weight coaching
    • 2-3 occasions every week high-intensity cardio
  • Weight coaching
  • Katalyst electrical muscle stimulation swimsuit
  • When at dwelling, high-intensity cardio on the VASPER 
  • Intermittent hypoxic coaching
  • For warm-ups and cool-downs
  • Podcast with Ben Patrick:
  • Weight coaching session is about 30-40 minutes 3 occasions every week
  • Cardio 15-25 minutes 3 occasions every week
  • Damage prevention protocol 10-Quarter-hour day by day
  • Strolling, pickleball, tennis, swimming, sauna, chilly, and breathwork
  • Sleeping protocol
  • Complement protocol earlier than mattress:
  • 20-minute naps within the hyperbaric chamber (use code BEN to avoid wasting massive in your hyperbaric chamber) or PEMF mats
  • Compression restoration boots by Hyperice
  • NuCalm mind stimulation machine
  • Strolling on a handbook treadmill
  • Standing desk
  • Earthing / grounding mats
  • NanoVi system
  • Vielight
  • Joovv crimson gentle remedy system
  • A detox as soon as every week
  • Weight loss program
    • Low-carb, Mediterranean
    • In a single day intermittent quick between 12 and 16 hours
    • Quarterly 3-5 days of low-calorie consumption or water fasting
  • Dietary supplements
  • Nootropics for mind assist
  • When figuring out
  • Breakfast
  • Podcast with Ian Mitchell:
  • Lunch
    • Greens and fish (use code BENGREENFIELD20 to avoid wasting $20)
  • Ketones (use code BENG to avoid wasting 20%)
  • Adaptogens (reishi mushroom)
  • Kion Aminos 10 to twenty grams all through the day
  • Earlier than meals
  • Podcast with Phil Micans
  • Twice a yr peptide 10-day protocol as mentioned within the podcast with Phil Micans
  • As soon as a month 2 Senolytic protocol from Qualia (use code SENOBEN to avoid wasting 15% off any buy)
  • FastVitaminIV at Dr. Craig Koniver’s Koniver Wellness
  • Stem cell makeovers on the Docere Clinics 
  • Ozone therapy at Dr. Matt Cook dinner’s Bioreset Medical or NextHealth 
  • Pores and skin and oral well being

-And far more…

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