Varicose Veins – Ayurvedic Remedy, Herbs, Dwelling Cures

Varicose Veins – Ayurvedic Remedy, Herbs, Dwelling Cures


Varicose veins is a typical well being grievance in folks like safety guards, watchmen, cops, troopers, automobile pullers, porters, rickshaw pullers, launderers, drivers, lecturers and many others. As it’s not having a everlasting resolution, folks come to Ayurveda to get the reduction of vein engorgement and aching ache. Additionally, they search the methods to keep away from the incidence of the grievance.

Ayurveda explains Varicose veins as Siraja granthi. Right here, blood veins are enlarged, fibrosed and grow to be tortuous. The vein  (which carries blood from legs to the guts), loses its elasticity. Attributable to longer standing, weight bearing, fatigue and lengthy stroll, the veins within the decrease limb particularly in calf and ankle are drained in re-sending the blood upwards. Thus the veins are swollen, dilated, lose their means to shrink or re-establish the unique standing. Thus the situation varicose vein is resulted.

Normal vein Vs Varicose vein
Regular vein Vs Varicose vein

The Ayurvedic view and therapy measures of Siraja granthi is defined in short right here beneath.


Varicose veins causes as per Ayurveda: 
Consumption of abhisyandi (which occlude channels) meals like curd, lassie, deep fried meals, heavy non veg meals, junk meals, aerated drinks and many others and many others.
Unsuitable meals mixtures
Extra work(shramatiyogat)
Weight lifting (Bharavahana)
Lengthy stroll (adwagamana)
Consumption of heavy (guru), delicate(manda), chilly(hima), unctuous(snigdha) meals stuffs and many others.

Swollen varicose vein
Swollen varicose vein

Origin of illness

Origin Of Siraja Granthi (Varicose veins) 
As a result of blood vessels are concerned, there may be definitive involvement of Pitta Dosha.
Together with Pitta, Vata alone or Vata and Kapha are vitiated of their web site of affliction, ie in weight bearing space like calf and ankle.
Finally the imbalanced Doshas disturb the vessels and the blood of that exact space (venous blood).
Thus the blood is stagnated as a result of obstruction of the pathway of the blood vessels. Therefore, the veins are dilated of their weak factors (limbs) and the Sirajagranthi (varicose vein) is resulted.

twister and swollen blood vessel
Twisted and swollen blood vessel


Varicose vein signs: 
1. Aching ache within the decrease limb (Toda).
2. Numbness or neuritis (Sada).
3. Heaviness (Gowrava)
4. Tiredness (Ayasa)
5. Tortuous veins (Grathitha sira)
6. Discoloration of the veins or pores and skin (krishnarakta sira)

Varicose vein symptoms and stages
Varicose vein signs and phases

Varicosity as related symptom

Varicose vein could also be discovered with itching pores and skin lesions like eczema, ulceration and many others. If it ruptures, non therapeutic ulcers are often brought about.
Varicosity could also be shaped within the situations like portal hypertension additionally. Often it’s shaped in affiliation with hemorrhoid’s, oesophageal varices and many others.
Varicocele (a situation of varicocity shaped within the scrotal veins) might result in infertility in its future or if not handled appropriately.

Varicose veins in foot and leg
Varicose veins in foot and leg

Ayurvedic therapy

Ayurvedic therapy for Varicose Veins – Siraja Granthi
1. As it’s a vata dominant diseased situation veshtana (wrapping of fabric or crepe bandaging) offers symptomatic reduction in aching ache, heaviness, numbness and many others.

2. Sira Vyadha (blood letting via venesection) is discovered to be efficient in its administration.
In any other case, leech remedy could be carried out close to the lesion.

3. The road of therapy of gout arthritis (vataraktha chikitsa) is relevant right here additionally. It contains of Enema therapy (Basti Chikitsa) and oral medicines.

crepe bandage
crepe bandage

Herbs used

Herbs helpful in Varicose veins: 
Eranda- Castor roots – Relieves ache and irritation
Chirabilva- Holoptelia integrigfolia – Extensively utilized in vein associated problems reminiscent of piles.
Mandookaparni- Gotu Kola
Manjishta – Rubia cordifolia – Utilized in Excessive Pitta situations and blood vitiation as a result of Pitta
Guduchi – Giloy – Tinospora cardifolia – helpful in relieving an infection and irritation.
Punarnava- Boehirravia diffusa
Sariva- Hemidesmus indica – Like Manjishta, it is usually extensively utilized in excessive Pitta situations.
Paranti- Ixora sp.

stockings helpful for ache and swelling discount

Ayurvedic medicines

Ayurvedic medicines helpful in varicose veins: 
Kaishora guggulu – It acts as – ageing pores and skin well being promoter, joint well being,  pure blood cleanser, helpful as supportive dietary natural complement in lots of well being situations reminiscent of diabetes, pores and skin illnesses and many others.
Sarivadyasava – used within the therapy of gout, diabetes and associated pores and skin problems, pores and skin infections. It’s a pure blood detox product.
Chirabilvadi kashaya – It’s utilized in haemorrhoids, fistula, reduces burning sensation, it relieves bloating, improves digestion energy.
Erandamooladi kashaya
Rasnerandai kashaya – It’s used within the therapy of Gout, aches and pains associated again, lumbar spondylosis, low again ache, and many others
Guduchyadi kashaya – used within the therapy of fever with burning sensation, vomiting and many others.
Mahamanjishtadi kashaya – utilized in therapy of pores and skin illnesses.
Phalatrikadi kashaya – It’s used within the therapy of fever. vomiting and gastritis.
Punarnavashtaka kwatha –  used within the therapy of inflammatory situations like myxedema, ascites.

Ayurvedic dwelling treatments

Straightforward Dwelling treatments for Varicose veins: 
Natural paste utility: The tremendous powder of the medication vacha (Acorus calamus), Turmeric and Tulasi (Holy Basil) are taken in equal amount and blended nicely. To this, aloe vera juice is added and tremendous paste is made. That is utilized to the size of the varicose  vein. The paste is retained for 1-2 hours. 15-20 days of standard utility relieves the aching ache of the varicose vein.

The leaf juice of Karanja (Pongamia pinnata)and castor 10 ml every and 5 ml of honey are taken collectively and blended nicely.
That is taken in empty abdomen for 21 days. It helps within the partial correction of the blood circulation in vericosed space.

Life-style recommendation

Relaxation to the limbs – In case your job makes you to face for lengthy hours, ensure that to take a seat for some time, in between.
Elevated legs – Whereas sleeping, preserve a pillow beneath your ft. This can preserve the ft elevated and ensures that the blood circulate is nice within the legs.
Reasonable train  – not solely makes your leg muscle tissues robust, it additionally retains the blood vessels in fairly good condition.

Carrying Varicose Veins socks, obtainable in medical shops,  is an efficient  means of stopping / treating varicose veins of ft and legs.

Varicose vein is a well being grievance which causes irritation to the professionals who’ve to face or stroll for lengthy. It typically causes cramps within the legs as a result of improper blood circulation.The ulcerated varicose lesions make the life depressing within the victims. So fast consideration to the start itself helps to forestall additional problems.
Article by Dr Krishnamurthy and Dr Hebbar


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