Vagus Nerve Therapy for PTSD, Peptides for COVID, And Extra…

Vagus Nerve Therapy for PTSD, Peptides for COVID, And Extra…


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[00:05:33] Who’s Dr. Matt Prepare dinner?

[00:07:12] Resetting the vagus nerve

[00:10:49] Stellate ganglion block

[00:16:39] Ben’s expertise with Dr. Matt

[00:30:11] The significance of vitamin

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[00:36:25] cont. The significance of vitamin

[00:38:03] Hyperlink between muscle, ligament, and joint well being and COVID

[00:50:17] The advantages of peptides

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Ben:  My title is Ben Greenfield. And, on this episode of the Ben Greenfield Life podcast.

Matt:  You might have extra micro organism and yeast in your intestine than there are star within the sky, within the colon. However then, within the small gut, it is purported to be nothing. When the micro organism sort of crawl up into the small gut, it is small and it might probably’t take being distended. So then, what we do is we do a trio take a look at. We glance to see if there are micro organism and in the event that they’re methane dependent–

Ben:  The trio is a breath take a look at, proper?

Matt:  It is a breath take a look at. After which, based mostly upon that, we’ll do doubtlessly some antibiotics after which we’ll doubtlessly give them some peptides. And, the peptides could be possibly an immune peptide and LL-37. In parallel to that, then we could give them a food regimen that focuses on avoiding fermentable meals like particular carbohydrate food regimen or a low FODMAP food regimen.

Ben:  Religion, household, health, well being, efficiency, vitamin, longevity, ancestral dwelling, biohacking, and an entire lot extra. Welcome to the present.

Earlier this yr, I made a fairly large assertion that I believe that with regards to NAD, Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, this molecule with nice mobile protecting and anti-aging properties. Relating to the bioavailability of it, I believe that nothing beats from what I’ve seen NAD3. A model of NAD that is very bioavailable, tough to seek out. However, there is a new product that has added different confirmed longevity compounds. Specifically, spermidine, niacinamide, and resveratrol to the NAD3, making it probably the most full and efficacious NAD complement that I believe exists wherever. And, it is known as BioStack NAD Regen, made by BioStack Labs. NAD Regen, like regeneration. Now, that is fairly spectacular stuff. I am popping three each morning proper now. I am additionally taking their Cell Defend. So, these two together give an unlimited age reversal, longevity, anti-aging punch. If you get a 3-month provide of these things, they will ship you a fourth bottle completely free. So, you are getting a bottle utterly free. You go to BioStack, B-I-O-S-T-A-C-Ok, if you wish to do this stuff out. So, once more, it is known as N-A-D Regen. 

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You get 20% off go to That is Organifi with an and that can get you your 20% off of something from Organifi. However could I like to recommend to you as your superfood powder sommelier, that you simply seize this pink stuff as a result of it is fairly wonderful. Strive it out Matt Prepare dinner is I believe some of the Matt Prepare dinner is, I believe, some of the repeated visitor in my podcast of all time, Dr. Matthew Prepare dinner. Now, I’ll hyperlink to all of his fascinating earlier episodes if you happen to go to  Why As a result of Matt took my knee over the previous yr and a half from hobbling swollen and barely having the ability to run, stroll, squat, play tennis, play pickleball, something, and now it is at 90% and frequently getting higher. He makes use of exosomes. He makes use of stem cells. He makes use of placental matrix. He makes use of nerve hydrodissection. He has all these loopy methods up his sleeve however has a very, actually cool perspective from the place regenerative medication standpoint on muscle mass, ligaments, tendons, joints, and sustaining this so-called younger muscle, and even combines it with issues like vagus nerve resets and different mixture that assist to deal with not solely the muscle mass within the joint but additionally the mind.

Now, if I occur to sound like I’ve the voice of God on in the present day’s podcast or extra particularly a clean buttery finest podcasting voice ever as a result of I do have, I believe as we had been speaking about earlier Matt not solely a voice for radio but additionally each of us have a pleasant face for radio.

Matt:  I do know.

Ben:  Yeah. It is in all probability due to that bizarre needle you simply caught into my neck. And, I might be curious as I am certain my listeners would even be about what this factor is that you simply do with the vagus nerve. So, what’s that that we simply did?

Matt:  So, that’s one thing known as a vagus nerve hydrodissection. The standard factor that I do for individuals with PTSD and trauma or individuals with power nerve ache, particularly within the head and neck is I’ll take a needle and put it within the space the place the fight-or-flight nerves are on the entrance of the neck, seems the remaining and relaxed nerves are proper subsequent to these. And, that is the principle relaxation and relaxed nerve that goes to your coronary heart and lungs and intestines that comes out of your mind known as the vagus nerve. And so, what I do is I take that needle and I come near the vagus nerve after which I put just a little fluid of progress components across the vagus nerve. And, what it does is it tends to help it. It appears to show it on and you are feeling sort of your voice begins to achieve in. And, a part of that’s as a result of one of many branches of the vagus nerves goes to your voice field.

And so, I did that sort of selfishly simply to enhance the vocal tone in Rocky Roots.

Ben:  Proper. So, once we convey the band again. And, if that went over all people’s head, take a look at the place Matt and I’ve an EP of an album that we recorded. We’re truly recording at Matt’s workplace passing a microphone forwards and backwards. So, that is in all probability going to be the least you ever hear me interrupt the podcast visitor since we’re doing the mic passing.

However in any case, this entire vagus nerve method, I really feel a mix of tremendous relaxed de-stressed sort of zen after doing it, nearly I might love to check my HRV proper now as a result of I might think about it is fairly excessive. What could be the rationale apart from simply sheer curiosity on my half which is why I did it that individuals would do a process like this? 

Matt:  Our main trajectory of utilizing this process is individuals with PTSD and trauma and for these individuals we’re rebooting and resetting the fight-or-flight nerves. However then, we’ll additionally deal with the vagus nerve. One of many issues I began to see is usually individuals would drop a few pounds after I did it as a result of they’ve much less visceral fats. Generally I might see individuals they’d say, “Oh, all my belly ache went away” or individuals will begin to say, “I simply begin to really feel higher in my intestines.” Individuals with power ache of their intestines usually will begin to get higher. And, we had been doing that with numbing medication. So, I am utilizing ropivacaine, which is a neighborhood anesthetic. And, the idea of that’s to show these nerves off sort of such as you’re turning your pc off and rebooting it. And, that was why I truly known as my firm, BioReset, within the very starting as a result of we had been doing this combat or flight reset and sort of turning the pc off, resetting you to the manufacturing facility default settings, and turning it again on. Nonetheless, we finally began discovering that individuals would do higher if we rebooted each relaxation and chill out and combat or flight. And so, then that is once we began doing that.

And, I seen individuals did so properly. I spotted I put progress components round each nerve within the physique. And so, it sort of made sense to me what would occur if I began placing plasma and progress components across the vagus nerve. And, certain sufficient, that could be a means of not blocking it to get it higher however placing progress components round it to get it higher. After which, nearly 100% of the time, what individuals will say is, “Oh, my voice begins to really feel a bit extra wealthy. I begin to really feel just a little little bit of a vibration on my chest.” It is a pretty repeatable sense of wellness and calm.

Ben:  So, I’ve heard of the factor known as the stellate ganglion nerve block earlier than. Is that this the identical factor as that?

Matt:  I will get into the weeds just a little bit. The fight-or-flight nerves within the neck, in the course of the neck mainly sort of between C4 and C6 are likely to run in between the 2 deepest muscle mass within the entrance of the neck. These muscle mass, the superficial one known as longus capitis and the deep one known as longus colli. The fight-or-flight nerves are likely to run primarily in that airplane at that stage. Nonetheless, they may also be just a little bit within the muscle mass there. After which, finally, they arrive down and run on the entrance of your vertebra within the thoracic space. If you stick a needle into that fascial airplane, while you do a stellate ganglion block, we block these nerves. Typically while you stick a needle in that airplane, the fluid will shoot over by the carotid artery and go sort of get the vagus nerve. What I began doing is deliberately going over there as a result of it’s totally secure for me after I create a fluid. I am simply sticking my needle, monitoring my needle within the fluid, after which going over and placing it.

Ben:  Okay.

Matt:  Form of within the nook pocket the place the vagus nerve lives.

Ben:  Okay. And, you’d assume, I imply for individuals listening like whoa, needles in my neck. Even for me as I used to be laying there for a quick second, I used to be like, “Wait, I felt actually susceptible.” After which, you may have this good soothing method the place you speak me right into a state of leisure however then additionally you do not really feel something. Actually, all I felt was simply your fingers round my neck.

Matt:  Proper. However, I might say of issues to do, that could possibly be nearly probably the most superior process as a result of I am proper subsequent to your carotid artery.

Ben:  Yeah.

Matt:  And, I do–

Ben:  Which I might see on the ultrasound, by the best way. I can see the needle [00:13:14] _____. Yeah.

Matt:  So, I do 5 – 6 massive procedures on the neck nearly day by day since 2001. So, it is one thing that I do lots. We are saying we’re beginning a instructing group to show mainly the whole lot that we do hydrodissection from nerves, arteries, veins, each joint within the physique, fascial planes. And, it is a pretty substantial journey to get to the purpose the place you are feeling snug figuring out the place a needle is to have the ability to do this.

Ben:  Yeah, yeah. It is sort of like every surgical procedure you’d need anyone to do it who’s carried out a whole lot of procedures earlier than particularly while you’re taking part in round in that space the place there’s a whole lot of delicate nerves, vessels.

So, this would possibly seem to be a far cry from regenerative medication decrease down in a joint, for instance, and we may be sort of working backwards right here. However, do you truly mix this with, as an instance, work on a knee or a hip or a shoulder? Is there any crossover impact on the joints?

Matt:  So, the crossover is what I love to do is get a way of the place are individuals of their ache cycle. So, some individuals will are available in and have been in long-term ache and their central nervous system and their spinal wire are form of upregulated from a ache perspective.

Ben:  Yeah.

Matt:  In these sufferers, they have a tendency to do very well with a stellate ganglion block. And so, usually what’s going to occur is individuals will come and as an instance they have debilitating again ache and so they’ve been in ache for fairly some time. For these sufferers usually as a part of their journey of three or 4 days, I will do a stellate ganglion block on one facet on sooner or later, on the opposite facet on one other day. The appropriate stellate ganglion resets blood circulate to the correct facet of the mind.

Ben:  Okay.

Matt:  And, the correct vagus nerve comes from the correct mainly facet of your mind stem and goes by your liver and sort of the correct facet of your intestinal tract. And, just lately, a pair weeks in the past, had a lady are available in that had belly ache and I did the stellate. And, she goes, “Oh, all of the ache on the correct facet of my stomach is gone however the left facet remains to be right here.”

Ben:  That is loopy.

Matt:  The subsequent day, we did the opposite facet. And so, then the left vagus comes from the left brainstem and so forth.

Ben:  Yeah. I discussed HRV, however have you ever ever truly had anyone both in real-time measure their coronary heart fee variability or monitor their nervous system response in some quantified method or afterwards monitor it and see that went up?

Matt:  Oh, yeah, on a regular basis. It nearly all the time goes up while you monitor it.

Ben:  Yeah.

Matt:  And, what I inform individuals is that mindfulness and meditation and the whole lot good that you’ve got ever heard of that anyone has ever talked about in your podcast, basically at considerably stage drives you into increased ranges of coronary heart fee variability.

Ben:  Yeah.

Matt:  And, all of these are strategies that drive you in so you possibly can expertise and form of preserve a related state that could be a “relaxation and relaxed state.”

Ben:  Proper.

Matt:  This is only one extra software that can drive you right into a relaxation and relaxed state. And, I wish to say that you simply depart some breadcrumbs alongside the best way. And, on the finish, after having gone by the expertise a whole lot of occasions, then that simply as a means so that you can assist to reconnect. And, for some individuals, simply to comprehend it is attainable to get right into a sort of a deep, related, calm coherent state, after which usually as soon as that occurs, like I did a stellate ganglion block for anyone yesterday and I mentioned, “How’s it going?” And, she goes, “Nicely, my fiancé’s flight was canceled and he could not present up right here however I used to be completely nice with it.”

Ben:  Yeah.

Matt:  And so, I used to be sort of stuff–

Ben:  You have bought a modified in there, we name this injection or one thing like that.

Matt:  This injection. That is what we will name it any further.

Ben:  Yeah, I like it.

Okay. So, I discussed that I used to be fairly hobbled up. I used to be truly nearly not depressed however tremendous upset two years in the past after I felt I used to be getting outdated. I could not play tennis. I hadn’t but found the game of pickleball, however there is no means I might have been capable of play that. I could not run, bike using harm, could not squat heavy, could not deadlift, could not lunge, and going up and down stairs harm. And, I went to a few completely different orthopods, all of them instructed me that I used to be in all probability going to need to get surgical procedure, that I in all probability had arthritis and that my knee was just about shut, and that they could be capable to scope however which may assist however no ensures. 

After which, I got here down and noticed you. You probably did some stuff on it. After which, right here I’m, we’re what, 10 months out now and I am doing all like I am operating, I am taking part in tennis, I am taking part in pickleball, I am squatting, I am deadlifting, I am going up and down stairs. Principally, my knee, I can inform one thing occurred to it up to now however it’s not a problem in any respect. Stroll individuals by what you truly did.

Matt:  I’ll do one thing even higher hopefully. What occurred is along with that, Ben was a hardcore endurance athlete who was–

Ben:  For lots of years.

Matt:  Aggressive for lots of years. And so, after I first met you, on the very starting, you had an effusion in that knee, and that knee–

Ben:  Clarify what an effusion is.

Matt:  So, you had water on the knee. And so, after I first met you, I pulled out 30 CCs of fluid. You had what’s known as synovitis, which was irritation of the joint lining. And, because of that, you had been simply–you broken your meniscus just a little bit and also you broken among the ligaments in your knee just a little bit. And so, your physique has this concept, I bought an incredible thought, let’s put some extra WD-40 in there. And so, the physique says that it begins to secrete some fluid and the knee is sort of a sealed joint. Subsequent factor you already know, you bought just a little water in your knee however you are more durable than the typical bearing, you simply sort of prepare by that.

Ben:  I do know. I educated to race. I did one Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii the place going into the race, my knee was like the dimensions of a softball and I simply taped the hell out of it and hammered on it for 12 hours. It was teeth-gritting ache, simply on ibuprofen. I took a Valium that evening and went to mattress and I might do this sort of stuff each few months.

Matt:  Proper. So then, you are going to get some extra put on and tear. After which, when your physique begins to make a whole lot of fluid in there, it is purported to get inflammatory. And so then, that was occurring. And, while you do this, then you possibly can trigger harm and irritation at each stage. And so, the title of our speak was muscle ligament tendon fascia joint. And, I– 

Ben:  I modified it to Younger Muscle.

Matt:  We’ll change it to Younger Muscle zen injection.

Ben:  Yeah, zen injections.

Matt:  And so then, you got here in in a brilliant, tremendous infected state. You tore your MCL. All the nerves round your knee had been tremendous painful, so your peroneal nerve is tremendous painful. You had an enormous baker cyst, which is fluid behind the knee. Bakers used to lean into the factor to pound the dough. After which, they–

Ben:  That is why it is known as that?

Matt:  That is why. And, what occurred is they’d sort of tear their meniscus after which there’s just a little gap mainly between their gasoline rack and their hamstring, and fluid would come out. And so, that will–

Ben:  No means. I assumed it was as a result of it seems like you may have a cinnamon roll on the again of your knee [00:20:47] _____ Baker’s. It is nearly like Mad Hatter’s illness was due to individuals who used to dye the hats.

Matt:  Yeah.

Ben:  Okay.

Matt:  What occurs is that while you’re operating actual arduous or take some trauma, you will get irritation in your bone marrow, and so that you get bone marrow edema. And so, bone marrow edema is tremendous, tremendous painful, which is why you had been hobbling round in a whole lot of ache. 

Ben:  Yeah.

Matt:  And, you had just a little little bit of an osteochondral defect, which is mainly the place you’ve got misplaced cartilage that’s mainly between the cartilage and the bone. And, the rationale for that’s when you may have edema within the bone marrow, then the bone marrow is what’s giving the entire vitamin that leaks throughout the bone to help that cartilage. So then, while you get irritation within the bone marrow, then it might probably’t make all the expansion components to maintain all people joyful.

Ben:  However, thank God for kratom and weed as a result of I might nonetheless work out with the previous and nonetheless sleep at evening with the latter. So, I used to be just about good to go. 

Matt:  Just about.

Ben:  Shut down ache.

Matt:  And, the one factor that I might by no means take away from you is understanding as a result of I do not know [00:21:56] _____

Ben:  I simply preserve bouncing off the partitions.

Matt:  There’s quite a lot of methods to repair bone marrow lesions. Most likely the one which makes probably the most sense is to deal with bone marrow with bone marrow. And so, we pulled some bone marrow out of your hip after which spun a needle contained in the bone and put some bone marrow in there.

Ben:  Was that the one which’s known as intraosseous needling? It is nearly like aerating a garden the place drilling holes into the bone patching that up with bone marrow after which the cartilage apparently regrows in response to that.

Matt:  Yeah. And, your cartilage is about 60%, 70% higher, however it’s not 100% good. There is a trace of an osteochondral defect however it’s means higher than it was. I handled all of the ligaments I hydrodissected, which is placing fluid round these nerves. I handled the joint. I pulled all of the fluid out, handled the joint. 

That is sort of a testomony of a kind of circumstances. Lots of occasions individuals come and you’ve got these heroic experiences the place anyone has some massive drawback and also you sort of repair it in a single time. Your knee was in tremendous dangerous form and issues weren’t wanting good. After which, I did that. And, it was a gradual restoration. After which, I took you to Mexico twice and gave you stem cells. And, you simply doggedly saved at it. And in the present day, I handled you once more, handled a pair ligaments, handled the joint. I pulled all of the fluid out of your baker cyst. So now, we will name you Baker Ben.

Ben:  Yeah.

Matt:  I pulled fluid out of the entrance of the joint. I mentioned, “How a lot fluid am I going to tug out?” And, Ben goes “35 CCs.” And, we had been excited about the over-under on that after which I assumed, “I am not going to take it over-under as a result of it is inside 1 cc.” I do not know why I did not, so I simply did not even say something. After which, it was actually 35 CCs.

Ben:  You assume [00:23:57] _____. I will put within the shownotes if individuals wish to see the nasty yellow fluid that you may pull out of a knee.

And, you talked about doggedly holding at it. I ought to point out that on the similar time that we had been doing all of this, I met and interviewed Ben Patrick, the Knees Over Toes man. And, I began doing knees over toes lunges. I began doing reverse hyperextensions. I began doing a whole lot of clamshell and exterior rotator work. I began doing a few of his deep squats however unloaded the place your knees are literally going over your toe with the concept regardless of it being a basic no-no in energy conditioning to squat and have your knees go ahead of your toes, Ben’s principle is that by loading it in that method, you are truly rising blood circulate inflicting the cartilage to turn out to be loaded, triggering a regrowth response and truly rising vascularization to the joint. 

So, I bought his cheapo little e book on Amazon. He is bought two on there. One known as the “ATG For Life” and one which’s extra of a knee e book. You’ll find them simply. Go take heed to the podcast. I will hyperlink to it within the shownotes at However, I began doing his program. It solely took 10 to fifteen minutes. And, I normally do it within the sauna like when my knees are fairly heat. And, most of it unloaded within the sauna, after which sometimes I perform a little bit loaded like holding a pair kettlebells or no matter for among the lunges.

And so, I believe that mixed with the regenerative medication protocols helped a ton. So, this wasn’t me sitting in my butt in between stem cells and bone marrow and among the different stuff you had been doing. I believe that the bodily remedy is fairly essential as properly. Yeah.

Matt:  100%. And, you are still doing the sunshine, you are wrapped in mild day by day.

Ben:  Oh, yeah. So, what I do now additionally–I do that for each knees as a result of I simply really feel after I do my morning exercise as a result of I normally work out about 8:30 within the morning, and so I stand up about 4:30 or 5:00 and I roll over and seize these little, they’re known as Kineon lights, the Kineon Transfer+. And, it is this mixture of LED and laser. You wrap it round a joint after which you possibly can simply stroll round the home making espresso or doing no matter you are doing within the morning whereas it shines mild for 5 minutes. And, I normally will do have 20 minutes. I will simply press the button when it turns off and go for one more 5 minutes. And, that feels it simply sort of wakes up my knees for the morning.

Matt:  Yeah. And so, I 100% consider in that. I consider within the knees over toe stuff. And, I consider we discuss muscle ligament tendon fascia joint. All of that stuff the place you are working your muscle mass and fascia, there’s little nerves in your fascia. And so, then while you begin to get that wholesome, then all of a sudden that is the entire constructions that help the knee. And, what I discovered is a whole lot of occasions what’s going to occur is individuals may have ache or dysfunction of 1 or two muscle mass. So, a traditional factor in for individuals is that they’ll have a brilliant tight vastus lateralis and their IT bands in ache, after which their adductors and their vastus medialis is weak.

Ben:  Proper.

Matt:  And so, they get– 

Ben:  Exterior tight, inside weak.

Matt:  Exterior tight, inside weak. And so, then now they’re pulling their kneecap laterally. And, once they pull their kneecap laterally, now they have a monitoring drawback, which is an issue. And, you had that and I truly spun some bone marrow into your patella as properly. And, that appears to be means higher.

Ben:  And, that is an enormous a part of the Knees Over Toes program too is strengthening of the vastus medialis. Every part from flutter kicks the place you may have your VMO contracted to among the internal thigh strengthening workout routines. And, there’s this step down that you simply do. I believe he calls it a Poliquin step down the place your heels are down and your toes are up normally on a slant board and also you’re stepping down off that slant board and you bought to make use of your VMO to get your self again up.

Matt:  Oh, you already know Charles Poliquin was a very good good friend of mine.

Ben:  I knew that and forgot it. And now, after I’m simply now speaking about Ben Patrick and Charles Poliquin, apparently Ben Patrick studied underneath Poliquin and realized a whole lot of this knees-over-toe stuff straight from Poliquin.

Matt:  Oh, actually?

Ben:  Yeah.

Matt:  Okay. So, that is 100%.

Ben:  Yeah.

Matt:  Charles Poliquin is mainly one of many biggest energy coaches to have ever lived. And so, then he would come right here after which I might do stuff for him after which he would simply mainly simply inform me tales concerning the energy and conditioning world. And, he would simply speak for hours and hours. He’s probably the most hilarious biggest individual I’ve ever met.

Ben:  Yeah. I just lately did a podcast interview with one other one who labored with him on foot proprioception and treats the whole lot from the bottom up like a whole lot of toe-splaying units, these proprioceptive texture soles that you simply stand on, after which completely different balls that you simply roll the toes with. Do you ever do toes mats along with your sufferers, people on the foot?

Matt:  Tons. Similar factor, ligament, tendon and fascia muscle mass. And so, then for the foot, one factor is I am taking a look at all of the muscle mass, mainly the extensors and the flexors. And so, testing, are these muscle mass working? Are they in ache? If they’re, I could deal with the central tendon. I could do a hydrodissection in between the muscle mass after which I could deal with the nerves. After which– 

Ben:  Oh, so that you’re truly doing injections into the toes.

Matt:  Oh, yeah, on a regular basis. So, that is all mainly within the calf. And infrequently, we’re hydrodissecting contained in the muscle primarily with plasma. And, plasma is mainly what’s in your blood, which goes to muscle mass. And so, then we’ll begin to deal with mainly the central tendons, which is the place nerves are. So, we’re treating the nerve that is mainly happening across the tendon. Tendons harm as a result of there’s a whole lot of nerves.

Then, within the foot, mainly what occurs is there is a constellation of essential ligaments that in the event that they’re partially torn, then we’ll deal with these ligaments to construct stability. Most likely one of many primary issues that I do is deal with foot ache. And so, then identical to you’ve got bought a carpal tunnel in your wrist, you’ve got bought one thing known as a tarsal tunnel in your foot. After which, mainly, your tibial nerve goes down and it splits into three branches. One which goes again to the again of your foot known as Baxter’s after which one which goes in direction of your massive toe, which known as the medial plantar nerve, and the one which goes in direction of your little toe known as the lateral plantar nerve. After which, we do what’s known as hydrodissection the place we’ll put plasma or one thing anti-inflammatory across the nerves to deal with nerve ache.

Ben:  Yeah, yeah. And, we did an entire podcast on hydrodissection too the place we bought deep into the science of it. And, I will hyperlink to that if individuals wish to go hear extra about hydrodissection. However, there’s additionally, you have not talked about this a lot on a podcast, I do know that you simply admire the significance of it, however that is the dietary piece. 

One in all my pals is at my home final week and we will do a breathwork session within the sauna. And, she got here down the steps and she or he was hobbling. She’s happening the steps she’s like, “My Achilles tendon is killing me.” And, she mentioned that she had gluten on the banquet that I threw the evening earlier than. She stayed the evening at my home. And, she mentioned that she was simply tremendous swollen and infected from that and had a bunch of joint ache. After which, you may have guys like Tom Brady who’re swearing by the no nightshades food regimen for long-term joint well being for athletes. How usually do you truly step again and take a look at a affected person’s food regimen while you’re doing this type of work?

Matt:  On a regular basis. And, it is fascinating, we’ve got a gluten sensitivity in our household. And, as a result of I’ve handled my mother a lot with stem cells, she was mainly the one person who hasn’t had whole joint replacements in all places. And so then, I believe that it is going to be one thing that over time we study an increasing number of about. And so, we pay a whole lot of consideration to it. And so then, we’ll do the Cyrex

Ben:  Simply gluten or all of them like lectins and–

Matt:  So then, all of that’s important. Now, one factor, only a step again, is to say a whole lot of the folks that I say which have probably the most hassle are those which have small intestinal bacterial overgrowth or fungal overgrowth, which implies they’ve leaky intestine and so they’re reacting to the whole lot that they eat. And so, in that case, these are those which might be actually vulnerable to many of those systemic issues.

The subsequent class is those which might be simply the genetically celiac-sensitive. And so, then usually what I do is I will take note of that after which I will attempt to do some testing and form of handle excited about that. However then, for the Achilles, I might say of issues that actually reply properly is I will put plasma, mainly across the Achilles tendon. And, I will do a hydrodissection of that tendon. And so, then that is sort of an fascinating one.

Ben:  You are in all probability acquainted with the truth that the typical grownup ought to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep every evening. I understand that is not all the time attainable. An increasing number of persons are compelled to make life-style modifications to get extra deep sleep, particularly. However the excellent news is that high quality issues simply as a lot as amount. So, while you’re in mattress sleeping, you need the standard of the sleep. Even if you happen to’re not capable of be in mattress 7, or 8, or 9 hours to be as excessive as attainable. The primary half of the evening is when your deep sleep window happens, and that is when issues begin to drop. Your coronary heart fee, your respiration, your blood strain, muscle exercise, your physique temperature. And, since that temperature drop is such a vital facet of the deep sleep levels, discovering methods to activate that sleep swap might help to extend your ranges of deep sleep. So, that is the place this factor known as SleepMe is available in. SleepMe is the system that circulates chilly or sizzling, if you happen to want it as like an alarm clock, water to flow into beneath your mattress. So, it is a hydropower, temperature-controlled mattress topper that matches over your current mattress. It doesn’t matter what sort of mattress you must provide you with your perfect sleep temperature.

Now, I am fairly easy. I simply set that dangerous boy 55 levels and sleep all evening. Often, I will swap it to heat water if I would like an alarm. I do not need a blurring alarm clock. The nice and cozy water perform is wonderful. You have in all probability heard of dawn alarm clocks that make pure solar? That is like that. Works simply as properly although. It is bizarre. Heat water simply wakes you up and makes you not really feel drained such as you do in an alarm. Breaks you out of your sleep levels which may not be perfect for getting damaged out of early within the morning. So, it is known as the Dock Professional System. This new system that they’ve made. It is tremendous slick. It will even tie to your cellphone. You possibly can set schedules. It is actually cool. I suppose, actually and figuratively, on this case. So, this is it can save you as much as 25% on the acquisition of any new sleep system from SleepMe, and this provide is accessible solely for my listeners just for a restricted time. That is And, that is how one can get that final low cost on the SleepMe. Get pleasure from!

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So, I am tremendous pleased with the best way these items turned out. They’re actually stunning. They’d be nice for a present. They’d be nice for a cool place in your bookshelf. You could possibly get all 13 if you wish to personal the entire assortment and beat all people to the punch. That is as much as you. 

However, in any case, you go to to bid on a e book to personal it, get the signed model despatched to you personal, the digital model, and now have a personal digital e book signing social gathering with me. So, test it out: 

Again to bacterial and fungal overgrowth, I bear in mind at one time you had talked about to me this peptide known as, I believe it was LL-37.

Matt:  Yeah.

Ben:  That you’ve got used up to now for that. Do you continue to like that?

Matt:  So, LL-37 is an antimicrobial peptide. And so, there’s a firm pharmacy that I am conscious of that can make a liquid LL-37. And so, then for individuals who have energetic SIBO, which signifies that your small gut is meant to be sterile. And, there’s not purported to be any yeast or micro organism for probably the most half in there. After which, you will get right into a scenario the place the micro organism and yeast sort of get forward of all people within the meals line, mainly an fascinating means to consider this. You might have extra micro organism and yeast in your intestine than there are stars on this within the sky, within the colon. However then, within the small gut, it is purported to be nothing. When the micro organism sort of crawl up into the small gut, it is small and it might probably’t take being distended. So then, what we do is we do a trio take a look at. We glance to see if there are micro organism. And, in the event that they’re methane dependent–

Ben:  The trio is a breath take a look at, proper?

Matt:  It is a breath take a look at. After which, based mostly upon that, we’ll do doubtlessly some antibiotics after which we’ll doubtlessly give them some peptides. And, the peptides could be possibly an immune peptide and LL-37. After which, in parallel to that, then we could give them a food regimen that focuses on avoiding fermentable meals, a selected carbohydrate food regimen, or a low FODMAP food regimen.

Ben:  Okay.

Nicely, we talked about micro organism and fungus. However, from a viral standpoint, we did a podcast about COVID and vaccinations and long-haul COVID and all these COVID-related points. Do you ever see a hyperlink between muscle ligament, tendon, joint well being, and viruses like COVID and even although I spotted this can be a controversial subject, one thing like vaccinations?

Matt:  Yeah. I bought simply one of many biggest individuals I ever met, a firefighter got here in. Principally, Ian bought a current vaccination as a result of he was going to need to go be round members of the family who had been sick after which has developed a reasonably substantial neuropathy. We get a name day by day that could be a vaccine or a COVID complication. Clearly, there are some substantial and unfavourable penalties which might be begin on the prime neurological. And so, then particularly COVID can have an effect on the limbic system and impacts the brainstem. The brainstem is the place the vagus nerve comes from. It will probably have an effect on any of the cranial nerves. So, it might probably have an effect on individuals. You hear individuals lose their sense of scent and style. So, that is the primary. After which, mainly, the final cranial nerves that may hit in all places in between. And so, then COVID can have an effect on that. It will probably have an actual profound impact emotionally with despair and nervousness and sort of trauma that’s form of out of proportion to what I’ve seen earlier than.

Curiously, you say and I am in shut contact with a whole lot of medical doctors in Asia who’re very superior at doing the identical sort of stuff that I am speaking about, treating the vagus nerve and doing hydrodissections of the carotid artery. And, from a regulatory perspective, they’re very restricted, they do not have regenerative medication to the extent that we do. And so, they’re principally doing a whole lot of this both with plasma or with 5% dextrose. And, like me, they’re additionally seeing very constructive experiences once they do hydrodissections of the carotid artery and vagus nerve.

Ben:  Actually in sufferers?

Matt:  For lengthy COVID.

Ben:  Wow.

Matt:  For lengthy COVID with neurological. And, they’re additionally doing a whole lot of stellate ganglion blocks for lengthy COVID. And, the concept is while you do a stellate ganglion block, it causes a vasodilation of the carotid artery.

Ben:  Okay.

Matt:  And, that causes a rise in blood circulate. And, that enhance in blood circulate appears to reboot and reset mainly the deep mind constructions. And so, we use that for a protracted COVID.

The opposite factor that I’ll do is I will use plasma mainly out of your blood. After which, I deal with what’s known as the C1 plexus the place I come to the anterior facet of the primary cervical vertebrae. After which, I’ll contact on the anterior facet of that after which I’ll inject fluid. That fluid will go over and it will get the carotid artery earlier than it goes into the mind and it will get the vagus nerve earlier than it comes out. So, I can both do this mainly beneath your ear or sort of in the course of the neck the place I did it for you in the present day. And, they’re each completely different however fascinating methods to try this.

Ben:  Based mostly on how that impacts the carotid artery, what about complications? Is it one thing that may assist individuals have migraines or cluster complications or something like that?

Matt:  After I take into consideration complications, treating the carotid is a good way to deal with complications which might be within the distribution of the carotid artery. The stellate might be useful usually. After which, usually after I deal with the stellate, I am truly in between the carotid and the vertebral artery as a result of I imply, the vertebral artery is mainly deeper and it goes by this foramen and the perimeters of the vertebra. However, after I get within the fascial airplane, I will see fluid go down in direction of the vertebral artery. And so, I will get that and go up. 

And, relying on what is going on on, if I am attempting to deal with the again of the mind, then we’ll focus attempting to get some fluid to reboot and reset blood circulate vertebrally. These might be fairly useful for complications. The opposite factor is that if individuals have complications which might be occipital complications, the sufferers with mould, sufferers with Lyme, nearly the entire power immune individuals may have a whole lot of complications and occipital complications. And so, then we’ll do hydrodissection with plasma more than likely of the larger occipital nerve. And so, then that comes out form of and wraps round behind the pinnacle and goes over mainly the again of your head. So, we attempt to differentiate what is the causes. Is it immune? Is it a nerve? Is it vascular? After which, sort of managed to these issues.

Ben:  Okay. Now, with regards to a few of these power stealth co-infections that you’ve got talked about just like the Lyme or the Epstein-Barr or one thing like that. Is there one take a look at that sort of there’s that attempt take a look at that you simply talked about for gasoline points like SIBO? Is there one take a look at or are there a ton of various exams you must do if anyone is available in and so they’re like, I do not fairly know what is going on on. We have dominated out nearly the whole lot and then you definitely run one thing and you discover out all these items that is hidden or is it an entire bunch of various exams?

Matt:   I bought an incredible reply for this. That is the oral board examination, however Ben, I like [00:46:07] _____. That is like speedy sequence. However, I have been telling individuals recently is, I mentioned, if you happen to decide me and also you and Ben Greenfield and all of our shut pals, all people that we all know, after which, I did $10,000 price of testing and I will say what that’s. What I’ll inform you is all of our pals are going to check constructive for 3 to 4 issues out of the ten to 12 issues. And but, in our cohort, most of these persons are not going to have any signs. And so, what which means is we’ve got a microbiome in our intestine. And, that microbiome is there’s extra micro organism in our colon than there are stars within the sky. So then, if you concentrate on this, we even have a virum. And so, we have been uncovered to every kind of various viruses. We have been uncovered to doubtlessly CMV, Epstein-Barr viruses, virus hundreds of thousands of individuals have, after which micro organism. And so, then some individuals may have– 

Ben:  CMV, that is cytomegalovirus?

Matt:  Yeah. So, some individuals may have devastating signs from this. And, that is as a result of their immune system is dysregulated. They might have toxicity. They might have an enormous gastrointestinal drawback that is driving dysfunctional immune system. And so, then all of it’s uncontrolled or you would be such as you and also you might need a few of these issues however you haven’t any signs. So then, the query is, “What do you do for testing?” So then, there’s an organization that appears at what you are making antibodies to. We learn about antibody testing as a result of if individuals did antibody testing to see if you happen to had made antibodies to COVID.

Ben:  Yeah. 

Matt:  So then, [00:47:54] _____. Nicely, there is a bunch of various firms, however the iGenics does antibody testing. Most likely iGenics is the most effective antibody testing which seems for borrelia, bartonella, babesia, Ehrlichia and sort of the first infections from an antibody perspective. 

Then, in the USA, there’s an organization known as InfectoLab and so they take a look at your T cell response. And so, they take a look at your T cell response to the identical issues. After which, they take a look at your T cell response to Epstein-Barr and CMVs. And, iGenics additionally seems at these.

InfectoLab and iGenics will cowl your B-cell and T-cell responses, which goes to be fascinating. Subsequent factor is Andrew Campbell has an organization known as MyMyco that can look to see if you happen to’re making antibodies to mould.

Ben:  Okay.

Matt:  And so, then these three labs collectively–

Ben:  MyMyco, isoGenics, and InfectoLab.

Matt:  iGenics, MyMyco, and InfectoLab.

Ben:  Okay.

Matt:  After which, if you happen to’re in Europe, it is ArmonLabs.

Ben:  Okay, ArmonLabs as a substitute of all three of these–

Matt:  ArmonLabs as a substitute of InfectoLab.

Ben:  Okay, bought it.

Matt:  And so, then that as a constellation provides you with a reasonably strong evaluation of these. However then–

Ben:  Are these all blood exams?

Matt:  That is all blood exams.

Ben:  Okay.

Matt:  Now, you are able to do a mould urine take a look at. There’s controversy some individuals assume it is the most effective factor since sliced bread and a few individuals assume it is invalid.

Ben:  Sliced moldy bread.

Matt:  Sliced moldy bread.

Ben:  Yeah.

Matt:  And so, you possibly can go into testing for days and days. However, what I will inform you is what you must do is get your immune system working, get dialed in from sort of a way of life wellness perspective. Heal your intestine. And, you are going to do the identical factor whether or not you are specializing in high-end wellness or whether or not you are in a reasonably devastating scenario of power fatigue. Within the power sickness individuals, there’s normally one factor driving it. And so, it might be that borrelia, which is Lyme illness. It might be the Epstein-Barr is the massive driver. And, that is sort of the traditional driver of power fatigue.

What occurs with COVID is COVID comes on and creates the cytokine storm that creates an enormous immune stress. After which, usually it dysregulates your immune system. And, because of that, then these different issues that had been within the background come out.

Ben:  Oh, okay.

Matt:  So, you get mainly two variations of lengthy COVID, okay?

Ben:  Yeah.

Matt:  And mainly, information has come out that when it first got here out, they mentioned, “Oh, yeah, COVID comes and it is going to be gone, it is now not in your physique.” And, I assumed there is no means that is true. And, certain sufficient now, some individuals may have a viral reservoir more than likely of their intestine. And so, the virus resides on after which triggering you. Possibility two is that you simply simply have viral particles of the COVID micro organism. Possibility three is–

Ben:  Viral particles, these within the bloodstream or the intestine or each?

Matt:  In every single place.

Ben:  Okay.

Matt:  As a result of these viral particles, and that viral particle could be just like the spike protein that your physique’s having a tough time eliminating.

Lengthy COVID could possibly be these issues or lengthy COVID might have triggered your immune system introduced all of those different Epstein-Barr, CMV infections, and mould set off that to sort of come into the forefront. And so, then we’re attempting to sort of kind that out. After which, when individuals are available in, then we’re sorting that out, finding out what is going on on neurologically with them after which sort of constructing form of a remedy plan to help them.

Ben:  How massive of a problem is COVID nonetheless? As a result of it looks like there’s clearly not a whole lot of masking insurance policies and stuff like that, however you are still seeing lots of people are available in with it recent? On the time we’re recording, this was April 2023.

Matt:  Yeah. So, once we did our final podcast and also you mentioned, “Nicely, what is going on on with vaccination?” And, I mentioned, properly, you already know what’s taking place, it appears there is a development the place COVID could also be beginning to dwindle. And so, then we’re minimally concerned in listening to about individuals which might be with energetic COVID. We hear on a regular basis about lengthy COVID.

Ben:  Okay, which signifies that the COVID that individuals contracted say maybe through the pandemic is sticking round for a really lengthy time frame?

Matt:  Nicely, more than likely the COVID is lengthy gone and there could also be some particles of the virus or there could also be some particles which might be associated to the vaccine which might be triggering an immune response. And, that immune response is what we name lengthy COVID.

Ben:  Okay.

Matt:  And, that’s both a pure immune response to COVID or an immune response that’s COVID plus no matter else occur to be occurring with it.

Ben:  Yeah. Okay.

Now, this is not a complete disconnect from COVID as a result of in our final podcast you talked about some completely different peptides that may be helpful for working with COVID or long-haul COVID. However then, I believe a number of months in the past you instructed me you had an opportunity to hang around with Dr. Khavinson, the–

Matt:  Oh, Khavinson.

Ben:  Yeah, Khavinson, the Russian researcher who has all these loopy human long-term research on decreased all-cause danger of mortality with peptides or peptide bioregulators. Have these turn out to be a serious a part of your routine or your apply?

Matt:  So, the bioregulator peptides are going to be wonderful. And, I am an enormous fan.

Ben:  Yeah. I imply, I interviewed Phil Micans about them and I am shocked extra individuals do not learn about them.

Matt:  Proper.

Ben:  Nicely, clarify to individuals.

Matt:  So, Phil, shoutout to Phil, you are the most effective. Principally, your entire main organs have one or two peptides that regulate features inside that organ.

Ben:  Proper, liver, coronary heart, pancreas, kidney, et cetera.

Matt:  Mind.

Ben:  Yeah. Gonads.

Matt:  Pineal gland.

Ben:  Yeah.

Matt:  And so, then these are small peptides which might be two or three or 4 amino acids. The beauty of that’s that there are oral variations of them. And, as a result of there are only a few amino acids, you possibly can soak up them. And so, then I take the oral bioregulators on a regular basis. 

Ben:  I assumed you solely do a pair stints of them through the yr.

Matt:  So then, there are individuals who will take all of them for a brief time frame. There’ll individuals who will take two or three of them after which they’ll cycle by them.

Ben:  Oh, to a brand new set.

Matt:  To a brand new set. And so, then–

Ben:  For various organs.

Matt:  You are going to have 18, 20 bioregulators. And so, then you would take 4 at a time and sort of all the time be rotating. After which, there are some that assist your immune system. And so, I discover that it is tremendous fascinating. Dr. Khavinson was the one that got here up with these as a result of they had been ready to determine what the sequence was. There are artificial variations these accessible. Not tremendous accessible proper now–

Ben:  [00:55:01] _____ being harvested from the tissue of the animal?

Matt:  Yup.

Ben:  Okay.

Matt:  And so, then there is a artificial capsules after which there’s additionally capsules the place they take a thymus gland from a cow that was raised organically. After which, they extract and isolate that peptide and provides that to you. And, Ben, there are additionally variations which might be artificial, synthetically produced in an injectable kind. So, you may have all of them accessible.

Ben:  Okay. There’s this one firm known as Ancestral Dietary supplements that has despatched me up desiccated glandulars and capsules like thyroid and clearly liver, coronary heart, kidney, spleen, et cetera. Is that sort of the identical factor as taking a peptide bioregulator however simply direct from the animal or do you assume bioregulators are extra exact or extra bioavailable?

Matt:  All issues which might be nice have been taking place for a very long time.

Ben:  Yeah.

Matt:  And so, then I–

Ben:  Besides ChatGPT.

Matt:  Precisely. And so, the glandulars have been an incredible product perpetually. And so, individuals in Chinese language medication have all the time used them and use them to a whole lot of success. And, I do know lots of people in Chinese language medication and in any other case, that use glandulars lots to help individuals from an immune perspective going by COVID. After which, nearly for certain these glandulars have bioregulators in them. When you take a look at something from a plant/herb-based product, then there’s one principle that you’ll get an entourage impact when you have a constellation of issues that got here collectively.

Ben:  Yeah.

Matt:  There’s one other facet of the equation that claims, properly, what if I had an artificial one and I might do it in increased dosing? And so, then Dr. Khavinson had protocols the place he was recurrently treating individuals. After which, even after they stopped doing their remedy, then they tracked these individuals and he introduced this. I went to a convention in Europe mainly simply to fulfill him. And, that is the place I met Phil. And, I used to be simply completely, completely impressed. He is carried out a whole lot of work. And, what we have to do is we have to have a greater option to begin to research this. And, I believe that we are going to basically be capable to reproduce the entire work that he is carried out. And, they have an enormous mainly scientific analysis program that they’ve carried out for a very long time over there that is much less spectacular.

Ben:  25 or 30 of them, proper? At the very least a few dozen.

Matt:  For me, what I’ve had entry to has solely been 16 to twenty. 

Ben:  Okay. So, as an instance 18 or no matter, might you simply take all of them, all of the fragments, put them multi functional insulin syringe, after which simply do a stint the place you inject all of them for a number of days in a row like a pair occasions a yr?

Matt:  That may be an interesting idea to check.

Ben:  It appears to me like that will be a fairly good anti-aging or longevity play if that really labored.

Matt:  So then, go into longevity. So, what’s longevity, after which how are we going to handle that? I believe, the bioregulator peptides are one fascinating factor and you’ve got Khavinson’s information, which goes to be an fascinating perspective on it and so they had much less cardiac morbidity and mortality. That is going to be an fascinating one. Then, there’s going to be immune peptides, I believe are going to be an fascinating one as a result of why did they name pneumonia the “outdated man’s good friend”? As a result of what occurs is our immune system begins to get derailed once we get outdated. And so, then we simply begin to have susceptibility to immune issues.

Ben:  Yeah.

Matt:  And so, then there is a principle identical to when individuals grow old, a whole lot of occasions their thyroid gland will not be making sufficient to help them. And so, they take a thyroid complement. Ultimately, we will begin to take immune dietary supplements. And so, issues to help the immune system from a peptide perspective I believe might be commonplace of care in 10 years.

Ben:  Okay.

Matt:  Okay. If we’ll get on a podcast in 10 years, and that is going to be a brilliant regular factor, possibly 15 years, then subsequent factor is the exosome and stem cell dialog, which I believe goes to be fascinating. After which, the subsequent fascinating factor about that’s how do you drive exosome, stem cells, plasma to completely different elements of the physique. A part of that’s issues like doing a stellate to extend blood circulate to the mind–

Ben:  Nicely, there’s different medical doctors utilizing pink mild, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, one thing like that.

Matt:  Yeah, yeah.

Ben:  I met him at The DaVinci convention. He was speaking about he’ll do stem cells and activate them to the realm the place they should journey through the use of lasers. Have you ever heard of this?

Matt:  Yeah, yeah. So, there’s I believe an excellent logic of activating fluid. And so, what are you able to do? When you pull blood out and then you definitely separate the blood and also you get plasma, then plasma has a number of fascinating issues in it. So, one of many issues that is in plasma is platelets. And so, that is why we just like the platelets and we use these platelets and you may focus these platelets. The opposite factor that you would do is you would simply take the plasma with the platelets. What else is in there? VSELs are in there and–

Ben:  That are the very small embryonic stem cells.

Matt:  Precisely. And so, then these are pluripotent stem cells. My mentor in VSELs is certainly one of my favourite individuals on this planet is Invoice Paspaliaris who’s in Australia who’s carried out a deep quantity of analysis on this. And, he has firm known as Tithon. And so, then there is a pretty strong protocol that they’ve, which is isolating these VSELs and activating them. And, there is a mild activation in these. And so, I’ve carried out fairly a little bit of this. After which, Dr. Todd additionally has an incredible protocol for activating these cells after which giving them again. And, there’s approaches of giving them again round a nerve like muscle, ligament, tendon, or fascia.

Ben:  Yeah.

Matt:  And so, then think about if I used to be going to inject plasma into muscle, which I do lots, then one of many issues that occurs is there’s VSELs in there.

Ben:  Yeah.

Matt:  However, the first factor that I name it plasma as a result of there could also be VSELs, and we do our greatest to do to activate them, however general, it is again to the entourage impact is a constellation of sort of constructive issues which might be in plasma that appear to be useful for muscle mass.

Ben:  Okay. Alright, bought it. That is smart. By the best way, I can not seem to get out of my head because you talked about about how pneumonia is an outdated man’s finest good friend, the outdated Jack Handey quote. You have watched Jack Handey. He is been on Saturday Night time Dwell.

Matt:  Oh, yeah.

Ben:  He has loopy random quotes and he goes, “My grandfather used to say that laughter was the most effective medication, which is why I suppose a number of of us died of tuberculosis.” Lookup Jack Handey. If anyone googles Jack Handey, you are going to chuckle for hours.

Ben:  Matt, you are all the time a wealth of knowledge. When you had been to place all our podcasts collectively, you’d have eight hours of pure regenerative medication gold and all kinds of loopy concepts after I act like I am quizzing you for the board and put you within the sizzling seat. And, I will hyperlink to all these at Anything you wish to throw in for folk that is tremendous cool that you simply’re as much as recently?

Matt:  I’ll do a shoutout. And, this one, we’re not prepared for this, however it was sort of humorous simply due to this podcast that you simply introduced up Charles Poliquin as a result of my coach that I am going to each week and is coaching me is among the biggest individuals on this planet additionally named Tobe Hanson. And, he is very Charles Poliquin-esque. And, he mainly developed one thing and I’ll create chaos. I’ve already created chaos for myself as a result of I bought him so busy and he is so nice that it is arduous to get in to see him. 

However, he mainly took and re-engineered mainly flywheel coaching with the unique inventor of it who lives in Spain. And so, then they’ve flywheel coaching which mainly does a profound eccentric load of muscle mass. And, we have been going deep and he is developed workout routines to coach mainly each a part of the physique utilizing flywheel coaching to construct eccentric load. And so, then while you mentioned how essential is the idea of bodily remedy and myofascial stuff and coaching to associate with mainly our hydrodissection  method, 100% essential, is an important factor.

Ben:  Is there a reputation for his units if I wished to seek out them and hyperlink to them within the shownotes?

Matt:  We will discover a web site–

Ben:  Discover it. Let me know. Flywheel coaching, by the best way, I consider has a really excessive isokinetic part as a result of I labored out on a few flywheel-like machines, that means whether or not the concentric or the eccentric part, the tougher that you simply generate pressure towards the flywheel, the tougher it pulls or pushes again towards you.

Matt:  Precisely.

Ben:  So, it is fixed rigidity all through your entire vary of movement. Very related if you happen to had been like in water and also you had been to open your palm and transfer your arms straight up towards the water after which down towards the water, it might be arduous the entire time. That is an isokinetic pressure era.

Matt:  Yeah. And, we see a whole lot of professional athletes collectively. And, he is coaching a whole lot of professional athletes and appears to be fixing musculoskeletal issues that different individuals could not repair, and infrequently had been you doing mixtures that is remedy plus stuff.

Ben:  I used to be right here longer. I might go work out with you.

Matt:  You understand what, we will go over there as a result of I’ve entry and we might truly go do it tonight.

Ben:  I will sneak in there within the morning or tonight after pickleball, after college and pickleball. Alright. Nicely, I will put all of the shownotes at, once more, together with a hyperlink to all the opposite reveals that Matt and I had carried out and assets for the whole lot that we talked about in in the present day’s present. If you wish to come see Matt, his clinics in San Jose, tremendous near San Jose airport, however you possibly can test it out. It is at BioReset Medical, BioReset Medical. Allow them to know you are a good friend of the present and he’ll take excellent care of you.

And, Matt, as soon as once more, thanks for approaching, man.

Ben:  Thanks. You are the most effective.

Feminine: And now, for some bonus audio from Dr. Matt Prepare dinner on hydrodissection and treating joints and related tissue. 

Matt: Individuals all the time ask what’s the most effective product to make use of for the injections that we do. I like to interrupt it down into merchandise that come from your individual physique, after which merchandise that come from someplace else. When it comes to the merchandise that come from your individual physique, if we pull some blood out after which spin and separate the pink blood cells from the whole lot else, we name that plasma. Plasma has platelets in it, it has progress components in it, and it has been in all probability certainly one of our favourite merchandise that we use for hydrodissection. You possibly can additional separate out the platelets and have platelet-rich and platelet-poor plasma, and people can have quite a lot of advantages that we are going to use for for various issues each in joints and in connective tissue, and the fascial planes.

One other factor that’s doubtlessly certainly one of our favourite merchandise of all time is one thing known as nanofat. For nanofat, we do a small adipose harvest and take among the fats which incorporates fats stem cells. After which, we dimension that by these little screens and break it down as a way to inject it right into a small needle. After which, that does one thing that each transfers a few of your individual cells from one space to a different. And so, we will do this and place them both into joints or round nerves or into fascial planes. Of the whole lot that we use, that is in all probability our longest-lasting product. And, there are some fascinating issues occurring now when it comes to having the ability to financial institution your individual fats stem cells. And so, because of that, usually what we’ll do is do a nanofat process after which additionally financial institution some cells and that will can help you doubtlessly use these sooner or later. 

Closing factor of your individual cells to come back from your individual physique as bone marrow. As you already know, Ben, we have used these for you. A fantastic product and one thing that we’ve got a whole lot of expertise with. It may be just a little inflammatory when it comes to placing it into joints. We usually discover we’ve got a lot success with the whole lot else, that’s in all probability our final alternative however it may be useful, and it may be very useful if there is a bone marrow lesion and we use bone marrow to repair bone marrow. 

When it comes to merchandise that come from somebody or someplace else, the factor that has been in all probability the some of the useful merchandise that I’ve ever discovered is placental matrix which is connective tissue mainly that was gamma-radiated. So, that got here from a placenta that was donated at a C-section. And so, this, it does not have any stem cells in it however it does have progress components and it tends to have an anti-inflammatory impact on connective tissues. 

One other one is peptides and there is a entire host of peptides that we might do an entire podcast on, which have completely different mechanisms. And so, there’s completely different peptides you need to use each in joints and in connective tissue and that is sort of an incredible subject. The expansion issue merchandise that had been fairly fashionable in regenerative medication are basically going away in North America. However then, there’s additionally another issues which might be actual low cost merchandise that if you happen to do an incredible job with hydrodization, usually, it sort of relieves impingement and compression and opens up fascial planes. And so, we have used 5% dextrose and saline for lots of injections through the years with a whole lot of nice success.

Alright, people. It is arising fast. VIP occasion with me that happens through the time that I’m in London for the Well being Optimisation Summit. I am throwing in a personal VIP meetup at HUM2N Labs with Dr. E over there. This is among the most superior biohacking amenities I’ve ever stepped foot into. We’re opening as much as a choose group of VIPs, very small group. You could possibly be certainly one of them. Kicks off at 5:30 p.m. in London on Monday, June nineteenth. You are going to get to community with me and a bunch of the opposite biohacking fanatics and physicians there. We’ll do a particular speak on age reversal. There will be a Q&A, quite a lot of wholesome natural meals, biohack cocktails, a swag bag the place you get to attempt IV, cryotherapy, pink mild remedy, hyperbaric oxygen, various kinds of nootropics and good medication that they’ve there. So, it is going to be a fairly cool occasion. And, you will get in now if you happen to go to That is If that is an excessive amount of so that you can bear in mind, simply go to and in all places. And, I am going that I am talking the place you possibly can be a part of me. All of the occasions are additionally there on the Calendar at However, this HUM2N occasion Monday, June nineteenth goes to be a superb one.

Greater than ever nowadays, individuals such as you and me want a recent entertaining, well-informed, and infrequently outside-the-box method to discovering the well being, and happiness, and hope that all of us crave. So, I hope I have been ready to try this for you on this episode in the present day. And, if you happen to appreciated it or if you happen to love what I am as much as, then please depart me a evaluation in your most popular podcast listening channel wherever that may be, and simply discover the Ben Greenfield Life episode. Say one thing good. Thanks a lot. It means lots.



In 2021, I might barely stand on my knee, a lot much less run, and a number of sports activities medication medical doctors and orthopedic surgeons instructed me I had arthritis and important knee cartilage degeneration, and the one means out was surgical procedure (and even which may not work).

As a substitute, I went a unique route: particularly with regenerative medication underneath the steering and professional palms of Dr. Matthew Prepare dinner at Bioreset Medical in San Jose.

…quick ahead a yr, and after intraosseous needling, stem cells, exosomes, and some different minimally invasive protocols Dr. Prepare dinner and I focus on on this podcast, my knee is now fully-functional and I can dash, play tennis and pickleball, hike, squat, trip bicycles and have interaction in all of the sports activities I beloved and missed – practically 100% pain-free.

I used to be understandably each blown away and extremely grateful, and so I made a decision to interview Dr. Prepare dinner not solely about cutting-edge regenerative medication protocols like what he did to my knee, but additionally rather more, together with stellate ganglion nerve blocks for the vagus nerve and stress rebooting, long-haul COVID and vaccines, and far, rather more.

Dr. Prepare dinner is a board-certified anesthesiologist who shifted his profession to regenerative medication over a decade in the past. He’s a world thought chief, educator, and innovator in regenerative medication, combining cutting-edge, non-surgical medication and integrative care to harness the physique’s pure therapeutic energy. Those that have labored with Dr. Prepare dinner know he is among the finest within the subject, specializing in superior therapies starting from stem cell remedy to peptide protocols. He is among the most educated medical doctors I do know, and as some of the fashionable company I’ve interviewed, this marks his ninth look on the present.

My earlier podcasts with Dr. Prepare dinner…

Dr. Prepare dinner graduated from the College of Washington College of Medication, accomplished his residency in anesthesiology on the College of California San Francisco (UCSF), and accomplished fellowships in Anti-Getting older, Metabolic and Useful Medication, and Peptide Remedy with the American Academy of Anti-Getting older Medication.

After a decade centered on practical medication (with 14 years prior working as an anesthesiologist), Dr. Prepare dinner’s specialty is addressing probably the most difficult situations. His proprietary multimodal method regenerates, repairs, and restores well being on a mobile stage, coping with root causes quite than masking signs.

This work has led him to create BioReset Medical and BioReset Worldwide, two organizations constructed on the mission to widen entry to restorative medication around the globe.

  • BioReset Medical provides therapies for situations comparable to power ache, orthopedics, advanced sickness, anti-aging and wellness, Lyme illness, PTSD, mycotoxin sickness, cognitive impairment, and musculoskeletal accidents, particularly for skilled athletes (use code BEN10 to avoid wasting 10% in your seek the advice of).
  • BioReset Worldwide places provide further top-of-the-line regenerative merchandise and medical therapies not accessible within the U.S.

Dr. Prepare dinner leverages minimally-invasive therapies, believing that the physique can heal itself naturally when supported by the most effective know-how and care. Whereas humanizing the doctor-patient relationship, he is ready to assimilate a affected person’s advanced well being historical past and develop extremely specialised remedy plans integrating the most effective of what each practical and regenerative medication have to supply.

On this episode, we discover Dr. Prepare dinner’s distinctive method to restoring youthfulness to muscle mass, ligaments, tendons, and joints. We additionally focus on his expertise with lengthy COVID, his method to vagus-nerve resets, and lots of different goodies associated to regenerative medication.

Throughout our dialogue, you will uncover:

-Who’s Dr. Matt Prepare dinner?…05:32

  • Dr. Prepare dinner’s method to treating Ben’s knees

-Methods to reset the vagus nerve…07:02

  • Matt tries the Vagus nerve hydro-dissection on Ben
  • Vagus nerve hydro-dissection
    • For individuals with PTSD, trauma, or power nerve ache within the head or neck
    • Placing progress components across the vagus nerve
  • Rocky Roots Music
  • Ben feels relaxed and de-stressed after the process
  • Why endure this process?
    • PTSD and trauma 
    • Weight-loss
    • Continual ache
  • The aim is to show the nerves off and reboot them 
  • BioReset Medical (use code BEN10 to avoid wasting 10% in your seek the advice of)
  • Began resetting each rest-and-relaxation and fight-or-flight nerves
  • Development issue across the vagus nerve 
    • Feeling of wellness and calm

-Stellate ganglion block…10:47

  • Struggle or flight nerve runs in between the two deepest muscle mass within the neck
  • Stellate ganglion block blocks these nerves
  • Individuals with power ache
    • They do properly with a stellate ganglion block
  • HRV nearly all the time goes up after the process
  • Mindfulness and meditation are strategies to realize the rest-and-relax state
  • Stellate ganglion block does the identical
  • It is like a “Zenjection”

-Ben’s expertise with Dr. Prepare dinner…16:37

  • Ben had issues together with his knee about 2 years in the past
    • Suggested to have surgical procedure
    • Not a lot hope of getting higher
    • Met with Dr. Prepare dinner
    • 10 months later he feels nice
  • Ben was a hard-core endurance athlete
  • When Matt met Ben
    • Ben had an effusion on that knee
      • Dr. Prepare dinner pulled out 30cc’s of fluid
    • Ben had synovitis – irritation of the joint lining
    • Torn MCL
    • All of the nerves had been painful
    • Had an enormous Baker cyst
    • Bone marrow edema
  • Matt’s procedures
    • Intraosseous needling – treating bone marrow with bone marrow
    • Stem cell remedy in Mexico
    • Pulling the fluid out of the Baker cyst (35cc)
  • Podcast with Ben Patrick, the Knees Over Toes Man
  • Ben began with Ben Patrick’s workout routines
  • ATG for Life by Ben Patrick
  • Knee Means Zero by Ben Patrick
  • Kineon The Transfer+ LED and Laser (10% low cost auto-applied at checkout)
  • Charles Poliquin
    • One of many biggest energy coaches
  • Treating toes
    • Checking all of the muscle mass
    • Treating muscle mass and nerves
    • Hydro-dissection
    • Use of plasma
  • Podcast with Dr. Prepare dinner the place they discuss hydro-dissection:

-The significance of vitamin…30:09

  • Gluten sensitivity impacts joints
  • Most individuals which might be vulnerable to gluten sensitivity are ones with SIBO or fungal overgrowth
  • Achilles tendon remedy
  • LL37 is an anti-microbial peptide
  • Micro organism within the small gut

-Hyperlink between muscle, ligament, and joint well being and COVID…37:53

  • Podcast with Dr. Prepare dinner about COVID
  • Substantial unfavourable penalties
    • Neurological
    • Impacts the limbic system, mind stem, and cranial nerves
    • Results on despair and nervousness
  • Constructive results of hydro-dissection of the carotid artery for lengthy COVID
  • Utilizing plasma to deal with the C1 Plexus

-Treating the carotid artery to deal with migraines and complications…41:13

  • Differentiating the causes: immune, nerve, or vascular
  • Microbiome within the intestine and there may be additionally a virome
  • Blood exams
  • The same old causes of power fatigue
    • Lyme illness
    • Epstein-Barr
  • Lengthy COVID creates a cytokine storm that disrupts the immune system
    • Viral reservoir within the intestine
    • Viral particles (spike protein) your physique can’t eliminate
    • Triggered the immune system and introduced on different infections
  • Immune response to COVID or particles associated to the vaccine is what we name a long-COVID

-The advantages of peptides…50:10

  • Dr. Khavinson
  • Bio-regulator peptides are wonderful
  • Worldwide Antiaging Programs (use code BGF15 to avoid wasting 15%)
  • Podcast with Phil Micans:
  • Phil Micans
  • All main organs have peptides that regulate their perform
    • Small peptides encompass 2-3 or 4 amino acids
    • There are oral variations of the bio-regulators
  • Artificial peptides and peptides from organically grown cows
  • Ancestral Dietary supplements (use code BEN10 to avoid wasting 10)
  • Glandulars are an incredible product
    • Glandurals have bio-regulators
    • Plant-based product – the entourage impact
    • Artificial merchandise in increased dosing
  • Dr. Khavinson‘s protocols to deal with individuals and monitoring outcomes
    • Want a greater option to research 
    • Reproducing what Dr. Khavinson has carried out 
  • Matt has had entry to 16-20 of the merchandise

-May you’re taking the entire protocols and inject them a number of occasions a yr for anti-aging or longevity?…55:04

  • What’s longevity and obtain it?
  • Bioregulators and Dr. Khavinson’s information and peptides
  • Immune system will get derailed once we get outdated
  • Immune protocols should be supported from a peptide perspective
    • Immune dietary supplements will be a regular care in 10 years
  • Methods to drive exosomes, stem cells to completely different elements of the physique?
  • Dr. Todd Ovokaitys makes use of lasers
  • Qi Expertise developed by Dr. Todd
  • Plasma, platelets and VSELs
  • Dr. Matt’s mentor in VSELs – Dr. Invoice Paspaliaris of Tithon 
    • Protocols to isolate, activating VSELs, and giving them again

-The newest model of flywheel coaching…59:46

-Bonus audio from Dr. Matt Prepare dinner on hydro-dissection and treating joints and connective tissue…1:03:03

  • Merchandise that come from your individual physique
    • Plasma
      • Plasma has platelets and progress issue
      • Favourite product for hydro-dissection 
      • Platelets might be separated from plasma
        • Platelet-rich and platelet-poor plasma
    • Nanofat
      • May be injected with a needle
      • Longest-lasting answer
      • Banking your individual fats stem cells for future use
    • Bone marrow
      • It may be a bit inflammatory
      • It may be very useful
    • Placental matrix
      • From a placenta that was donated at a C-section
      • Tends to have an anti-inflammatory impact on connective tissues
    • Peptides
      • Doesn’t have stem cells, however has progress issue
      • Many alternative peptides can be utilized
      • Peptides that you need to use each in joints and in connective tissue
  • Low cost merchandise that relieve impingements and compression and open up fascial planes like 5% dextrose and saline injections

-And rather more…

Upcoming Occasions:

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