Rasheed voices issues over rise of fascism and lawlessness

Rasheed voices issues over rise of fascism and lawlessness


RAWALPINDI: Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, former inside minister and chief of the Awami Muslim League (AML), expressed his deep concern over the prevailing state of affairs in Pakistan, describing it as a time of fascism, lawlessness, and barbarism.

In a tweet on Monday, the previous minister revealed that in a disturbing flip of occasions, the homes of his buddy, Syed Qasim Shah, have been raided after midnight in an try and apprehend him.

Failing to find him, the raiders ransacked the premises and, shockingly, took Shah’s 11-year-old son, Syed Aoun Muhammad, with them.

Rashid disclosed that his personal home had been raided a complete of 5 instances, with no exception even for his deceased mom’s residence, which remained untouched for the previous three many years. The personnel conducting the raids confiscated his three telephones, laptops, watches, and vehicles. Regardless of courtroom orders, his belongings have but to be returned to him.

The previous minister criticised the prevailing scenario in Pakistan, citing a prevalence of jungle legislation, tyranny, fascism, brutality, and lawlessness.

Though Rashid contested elections for a single seat, he emphasised that his freedom to reside with out worry can’t be assured solely by way of his tweets.

Rashid revealed the devastating affect these incidents have had on his life, stating that his properties have been demolished, his staff have been bodily assaulted and had their limbs damaged, ensuing of their resignation from their jobs.

Whereas acknowledging that he vehemently condemned the violence that befell on Could 9, Rashid asserted that he wouldn’t succumb to strain and maintain a press convention. With delight in his noble lineage, he vowed to honour his commitments till his final breath.

The previous minister expressed his fearlessness within the face of dying, reiterating his motto that dying is his beloved, jail is akin to his in-laws’ home, and chains are his jewelry. He deemed an individual a loser provided that they offer up, firmly believing that victory might be snatched from the jaws of defeat by the grace of God.


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