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Pure Termite Prevention – Earth911


It’s the time of yr when the bugs are again, and there may be one pest you in all probability don’t wish to go away unchecked if it exhibits up in your house: Termites. Although termites won’t hurt you straight, their injury to a house may cause hundreds of {dollars}. Managing termite infestations doesn’t have to harm the surroundings; there are pure termite prevention strategies.

Termites thrive in most components of the U.S. and mature colonies can attain 1 million members. They might reside within the floor or favor to nest in wooden, notably in dry wooden within the Mid-Atlantic states and damp wooden alongside the Pacific coast. Rutgers College estimates that termite management spending nationally prices greater than $1.5 billion a yr, and injury estimates vary from $5 billion to $40 billion yearly.

Know Your Enemy

A number of indicators point out the presence of termites in your house. You would possibly see “swarmers,” winged termites, their discarded wings, or their poop, often called “frass.” When you discover these in your house, it’s an indication of an infestation. You can too determine termites by the mud tubes that they construct as protecting tunnels between colonies and their meals sources. Examine for mud tubes alongside basis partitions, picket beams, or different areas the place the bottom meets your property.

Wooden injury can be a dire indication of termite hassle. Termites feed on wooden from the within out, so chances are you’ll discover their presence as soon as vital injury has occurred. Faucet your siding to search out hollowed-out or broken wooden, which can be blistered or darkened. Name a pest skilled to verify for termites if in case you have sagging flooring, ceilings, or unfastened window frames.

You may additionally hear termites as a result of the soldier caste bugs could bang their heads towards wooden or shake their our bodies to sign hazard to the remainder of the colony. When you hear clicking or rustling sounds from the partitions or picket buildings, it might signify termites.

Alates, or winged termite "swarmers"
Swarmers, or their discarded wings, are one signal of termite infestation.

Taking Motion

As soon as you already know you’ve gotten an issue, it’s time to decide on a method to take away them. Industrial termiticides generally comprise chemical substances comparable to chlorpyrifos, imidacloprid, and fipronil — all of that are identified to have human and animal well being results. However there are methods to regulate termites with out utilizing toxins or different environmentally damaging chemical substances.

We discovered 5 methods to deal with or stop termites utilizing environmentally benign, pure supplies. Ask your pest specialist about utilizing these unhazardous choices to guard your loved ones, pets, wildlife, and useful bugs.

Orange Oil

Utilizing orange oil as a repellent ought to briefly repel the bugs or resolve a dry termite downside in hollowed-out wooden. An inspection to find the termites continues to be obligatory as a result of orange oil therapy should be sprayed straight on the infestation. If not used for prevention, the oil can be utilized as a secondary therapy to forestall re-infestation. Orange oil’s effectiveness is restricted if not utilized on to the bugs and their tunnels.

Cardboard Traps

This DIY termite resolution entails wetting cardboard and leaving it out close to the affected space till termites feed on it. When a gaggle of termites seems, wrap and take away the cardboard, then burn it to remove the infestation. The issue with this technique is that you just won’t catch each termite, and the colony can restart. Take into account combining orange oil remedies on affected areas with cardboard traps because the odds of a complete colony feeding in the identical place at one time are low.

Useful Nematodes

Useful nematodes are microscopic, non-segmented roundworms that can be utilized as a pure and environmentally pleasant technique for controlling sure out of doors pests, together with termites. Nonetheless, it’s essential to notice that useful nematodes are primarily efficient towards subterranean termites, not drywood termites.

Apply a combination of nematodes, potting soil, and chilly water — one tablespoon of nematodes per gallon of water — to affected backyard areas. This therapy will help stop indoor infestations and assist management different pests that may injury your property and yard.

Diatomaceous Earth

Spreading silica-rich soil, which is fossilized aquatic creatures, is an efficient spot therapy for subterranean and dry wooden termites. When termites cross this kind of soil, it would dehydrate the insect and might result in them dying out. Unfold diatomaceous soil in areas the place you watched termites — comparable to an entry level, gap, or space with swarms close by. It will possibly work as a therapy or preventative measure.

Boric Acid

A often used ingredient in lots of termite pesticides, borates are extremely efficient. These merchandise, usually in sprays or dusts, comprise borate compounds which can be poisonous to termites. Spraying your wooden surfaces evenly with the acid ought to kill subterranean and dry wooden termites.

To create an answer, use 1 teaspoon of borax powder per 8 ounces of scorching water and blend effectively. It’s greatest to make use of this therapy sparingly, as boric acid is poisonous to folks as effectively. Preserve it away from pets and kids.

Termite Infestation?

When you’re going through an infestation, we suggest you converse to professionals about how one can greatest deal with the scenario. A termite downside can value you your property if not fully eradicated.


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