Introvert Vs Extrovert Personalities & How They’re Totally different

Introvert Vs Extrovert Personalities & How They’re Totally different


As aforementioned, the introvert-extrovert scale is predicated on issues like sociability and the place you get your vitality. On one finish of the spectrum, introverts desire quiet, reflective alone time, whereas extroverts desire partaking with others, expressing themselves, and directing their focus outward.

Introverts additionally really feel drained after spending time with folks (particularly massive teams), whereas that is the place extroverts thrive, and so they’ll really feel drained after an excessive amount of alone time.

Analysis has additionally pointed to explanations within the mind for why some individuals are extra introverted versus extroverted. Particularly, one examine1 discovered thicker areas within the prefrontal cortex of introverts in comparison with extroverts—the a part of the mind that offers with issues like planning and resolution making, which might clarify why introverts are usually extra reserved, whereas extroverts are usually extra impulsive.

“Of all of the completely different character traits, introversion and extroversion are one of many ones which might be most strongly hereditary,” Web page says, including that environmental components, resembling the way you had been raised, may also come into play.

Our DNA additionally determines the diploma to which we might be versatile in these traits, he says. “Introversion and extroversion is absolutely linked to an entire bunch of points round our neurotransmitters, and a very powerful one is dopamine,” he says.

Dopamine fuels our reward middle within the mind, and Web page explains that extroverts have a tendency to understand or be motivated by these dopamine hits. “However introverts,” he notes, “their brains are much less pushed by that want for dopamine and that pleasure over dopamine.”

And this phenomena has been backed up by research, with analysis2 exhibiting that extroverts have a stronger response and dopamine response to rewards than introverts, which each highlights that extroverts have a tendency to hunt extra dopamine hits, and in addition reaffirms the aforementioned level about impulsivity.

As you may think, the place you fall on the spectrum can manifest into many various areas of your life, from the way you method friendships and relationship, to the way you greatest get work executed, to how you favor to spend your time.

In the event you’re nonetheless undecided whether or not you are an introvert or extrovert, here is a quiz to seek out out.


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