Easy methods to banish anxiousness and panic

Easy methods to banish anxiousness and panic


Recognized for his distinctive work in sports activities and psychological efficiency, Andy Triana stands out as a number one determine in enhancing neurological and cognitive talents.

He is a confirmed drawback solver, providing options to efficiency points the place others have failed and stepping in to offer aid in high-pressure, emergency conditions.

Andy has consulted, managed, and labored with athletes from all corners of the globe. He isn’t simply identified for his occupation; he is acknowledged for the dedication he pours into his craft, constantly delivering outcomes after they matter most.

Andy is the mastermind behind The Efficiency Vibe (TPV) and Go Tremendous Mind (GSB), two groundbreaking initiatives revolutionizing sports activities performance-related providers. TPV, a novel efficiency administration firm, pioneers a brain-first strategy to addressing efficiency, well being, and neurobiological issues. The group is dedicated to helping professionals in making performance-related selections.

GSB, in the meantime, focuses on enhancing cognitive efficiency for everybody. It is devoted to combating neurology-related points by means of content material that’s as informative as it’s sensible. Each of those modern firms, steered by Andy’s management, are aligned in the direction of a typical mission – serving to passionate people grow to be the best possible variations of themselves.

On this episode, Andy and I delve into his pioneering methodologies that marry the worlds of sports activities and psychological efficiency. We unpack his distinctive strategy, grounded in neurobiology and cognitive means, and speak about the way it’s setting new benchmarks within the trade.

Throughout our dialogue, you may uncover:

-Who’s Andrew Triana?…05:14

-Neuroplasticity and sleep deprivation…09:31

  • All the things relies within the sleep circle
  • Glia cells do many of the magic whereas we sleep
    • They want sufficient time to do their work, you get a maladaptive response
  • If it’s an emergency scenario, the coaching effort goes towards gaining sleep
  • Maximizing the chance for glia
  • The quantity of serotonin you’ll be able to catalyze is correlated to the quantity of melatonin you’ll be able to cope with
  • Be sure that from the beginning of the day, you construction the whole lot to fall asleep
  • Mark Bell and rib reset

  • Dr. Pat Robertson
  • Analysis from the Czech Republic that included a “rib-tack”
    • Anatomy influences your mind
    • Rib-tack influences the vagus nerve
  • Meditative and yoga techniques try to poke at this
    • A place the place you get slack in the back of your neck
    • A place the place the cranium is getting away from the sternum
  • Foam rolling and respiratory train
  • Andy makes use of Omni PEMF
  • Deep tissue remedy – Ben doing deep rib rolls on his Rumble Curler
  • Golgi tendon organs
  • The rib-tack is an anatomical guide method that is inducing a little bit little bit of native hypoxia and anatomical adjustments manually the identical Golgi tendon launch
  • Reflexive Efficiency Reset (RPR)

-Vagal nerve stimulation and anxiousness 21:00

  • What’s rib tack?
    • Analysis from the Czech Republic within the Nineties
    • Handbook restoration of the diaphragm
  • Nail mattress for foot vagal nerve stimulation
    • Trendy-day grounding indoors
  • Enhance in afferent and efferent signaling by means of our arms and ft
  • Anxiousness is like spilling over electrical enter into mind areas that do not must be lively 
  • Wearable gadgets that vibrate or produce gentle electrical sensation over the vagal nerve
    • Vagal nerve stimulators much like a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit
    • PowerDot
  • Anxiousness and future processing
    • We don’t have a middle in our mind for future
    • Anxiousness is a results of placing an excessive amount of blood circulate into future processing
  • Podcast with Dr. Peter Martone:
  • Managing anxiousness
    • Anxiousness is a standard factor, everyone experiences it
    • Dealing with “buoys of objectivity”
  • In anxious moments, you must
    • Re-engage with the world round you out of your 5 senses
    • Being conscious and aware is the important thing
    • Give your self a light-weight sensation to convey you again to the current

-Visualization and motor imagery…29:11

  • Analysis proves that visualization is beneficial
  • Visualization expertise
    • Seeing within the current what you imagine goes to occur
  • Find out how to use visualization?
    • Spatial talent coaching regime
    • Manipulating 3D scenes in your head
  • Visualization to cope with damaging performance-related issues
    • Dashing up and slowing down time
  • Visualization for the common individual
  • Circulate state
    • Dopamine and norepinephrine-driven circulate states for people
  • Ben is norepinephrine pushed
    • Acquired to be in a variety of ache, beneath a variety of stress to get into an alpha state
  • Norepinephrine folks are inclined to have much less management over their circulate state as a result of they’re usually responding to one thing that should occur
  • Dopamine folks oftentimes have work capability and habits effectivity points


  • Homeostasis and allostasis
    • 80-20 rule, 80% allostasis, 20% homeostasis
  • Breathwork efficiently performs on homeostasis
    • Respiration by means of the mouth – oxygen inflow and excessive quantities of pressure manufacturing
    • Nasal respiratory – much less oxygen and correlates with low blood stress
  • Wim Hof technique
  • Various kinds of respiratory relying on one’s wants
  • HRV to take a look at your sympathetic parasympathetic stability then select extra of a stimulatory kind or a extra stress-free type of breathwork
  • Podcast with Dr. Jay Wiles:
  • Have a look at your particular person specificity after which correctly complement with coaching, breathwork, or nutritional vitamins

-How a lot is the mind in management?…44:10

  • There are not any behavioral enzymes in your muscle mass so the mind is operating the present
  • The experiment with folks on meth ready in a health care provider’s workplace
  • Phineas Gage case and the frontal cortex damage
  • Ben’s instance along with his consuming routine
  • Weight problems and hypothalamic signaling points

-Do we actually use solely 10% of our mind?…49:21

-Andrew’s favourite nootropics or good medicine…52:25

  • Ameliorate inhibition first, hit the gasoline pedal second
  • Two variables of nootropics
    • An antioxidant operate
    • Turning on some cortical space and shutting one thing else off
  • It’s necessary to focus on the proper mind areas
  • Emoxypine Succinate
    • The primary nootropic that can be utilized for mechanical lumbar non-specific low again ache
    • Drives blood circulate to the vagus nerve and the capillaries within the eyes
    • Alters GABA receptors
  • Noopept has an antioxidant portion however does it in a unique method – It relieves glutamate toxicity, which is extra calcium (use code BEN to save lots of 15%)

-Are you able to stack Emoxypine and Noopept?…56:03

  • Nootropics may be in the identical class however be totally different sufficient that you may simply use them on the similar time they usually find yourself being synergistic
  • Choline ranges when taking nootropics
  • Lifting weights launch glycogen from cells; we pay with glucose when lifting weights 
  • We pay brain-to-brain, neuron-to-neuron, and even neuron-to-muscle communication with choline
  • Acetylcholine donors like ACAR or uncooked choline Alpha-GPC (use code BEN to save lots of 15%)

-What’s the efficacy of injectable types of carnitine?…57:45

  • Distinction between oral and injectable types of carnitine
    • Injectable carnitine is absolutely myotropically and biologically lively
    • Oral carnitine usually doesn’t work properly within the muscle mass
  • Taking Alpha-GPC (use code BEN to save lots of 15%) and Acetyl-L-carnitine would assist to replenish the mind’s gas ranges
  • It is like how Creatine monohydrate will increase the time to fatigue
  • Injectable carnitine
    • Transporting fatty acids to permit extra fatty acids to be liberated from cells
    • You may take part in glycolysis for longer at increased coronary heart charges

-The advantages of LSD and ketone esters for athletes…1:00:03

  • Everybody within the ultra-marathon world has used it in some unspecified time in the future
    • The results of LSD on the physique
    • Very low doses
  • Ketone esters, injectable carnitine, and LSD are insanely potent for operating
  • Ben’s expertise with LSA
  • Necessary to be very cautious, simple to overdose

-The applying of fashionable psychedelics for neuroplasticity…1:05:12

  • Is it a real nootropic or it simply has nootropic-like results?
    • Psilocybin shouldn’t be a nootropic, simply has a nootropic impact
  • The impact of Noopept and psilocybin on concern and anxiousness (use code BEN to save lots of 15%)
    • They’re totally different avenues to get to the identical finish consequence

-Might DMT or psilocybin be paired with duties of creativity, studying, or reminiscence to boost your means to interact in these duties?…1:07:23

  • That is the one use for them
  • For those who simply take it and do nothing, it may be a enjoyable technique to relax, however if you happen to wished to sit back out, you may do one thing else
  • The results of kratom
  • It appears to have some enhancement of sexual efficiency or the flexibility of a man to get onerous
  • Inositol triphosphate
  • Does kratom improve sexual efficiency?
  • Conduct of GABA receptor
  • Vasoconstriction results of nicotine
  • Sexual supplementation may be very particular person
  • Dietary supplements for the reducing of the refractory interval
  • Ben’s expertise
  • Inositol Triphosphate (IP3) Phosphates for sexual efficiency
  • On a low-carb weight loss program, creatine phosphate helps methyl donors

-Modulating microbiomes…1:14:11

  • Bacterial microbiome may be very difficult
    • Pores and skin microbiome
    • Mouth microbiome
    • Sexual microbiome for the organs, which is totally different than the native pores and skin in your quad
    • Intestinal microbiome, which is totally different than your intestine microbiome
  • Micro organism microbiome is resistant to alter
  • Kefir fermented meals typically keep within the 80-20 rule (80% allostasis, 20% homeostasis)
  • Microbiome as an entire is a defend to the world round us; a powerful biome is sort of a highly effective defend
  • The intestine is the central governor of all of the biomes
  • Tremendous Intestine: A 4-Week Plan to Reprogram Your Microbiome, Restore Well being, and Lose Weight by Dr. William Davis
  • Podcast with Dr. William Davis:
  • L. Reuteri coconut yogurt recipe
  • L. Reuteri manages heart problems, modulates the microbiome, improves sleep, will increase oxytocin ranges, and so on.
  • L. Reuteri and its Impression on
    • Psychological stability
    • Psychological efficiency
    • Lower in ADD and ADHD-like signs
  • All folks with autism spectrum dysfunction are L. Reuteri poor

-Andrew’s e-book and plans…1:18:53

  • Go SuperBrain | Consumer Handbook: Nootropics by Andrew Triana
  • At the moment getting ready an 8-week course overlaying the next:
    • Blood work
    • Cognitive health
    • Life-style and complement
  • Additionally making person manuals on the best way to use x compounds
  • Engaged on a brand new web site to go reside in 2 or 3 months
  • To contact Andy:

-And rather more…

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