Dolby Atmos Needs You to Pay attention Up. (And Down. And Sideways.)

Dolby Atmos Needs You to Pay attention Up. (And Down. And Sideways.)


Initially, Apple’s largest problem was that there was little or no Atmos content material obtainable. In 2017, R.E.M.’s “Automated for the Folks” turned the primary album blended for Atmos, and over the subsequent few years, a number of notable Atmos releases — from Elton John, Queen and the Beatles — showcased the format’s potentialities.

To attain its broader goals, Apple wanted to make Atmos content material each viable and plentiful. It started by partnering with Dolby to encourage recording studios to improve to the format. There at the moment are some 800 formally acknowledged Dolby Atmos studios in over 40 nations, a 350 % enhance in simply two years. (Dolby estimates there are two or thrice that variety of different studios able to delivering music in Atmos.)

Apple Music additionally drew up want lists of artists, albums and tracks and introduced them to file labels, together with funding and deadlines, to assist rapidly increase the library of titles obtainable in Atmos. Over the previous few years, this effort to refit 50 years of pop music has heralded a rush of labor for engineers and mixers, who’ve out of the blue discovered themselves doing quantity enterprise within the format.

Wooden, initially dismissive of studying to work in Atmos, mentioned he modified his thoughts as soon as he realized the inevitability of its rise. “It was clear that information I’d made have been going to get blended in Atmos,” he mentioned, “and if I didn’t learn to do it, any person else would, and I’d be ceding that management.” Wooden’s first Atmos combine was for Liz Phair’s “Soberish,” an album he’d initially produced. “And, additionally, I spotted there could be payday in studying,” he added.

Whereas modern pop and hip-hop artists have been fast to undertake the format for brand new releases, convincing veteran rock acts to enter the Atmos fray proved extra of a problem. “The primary six months, these artists had plenty of questions,” Schusser mentioned.

Some teams, just like the Doorways, embraced the format, overhauling their total catalog in Atmos all of sudden; others, like Fleetwood Mac, have proceeded extra cautiously, doing one album at a time. An increasing number of although, prime legacy artists have been placing out Atmos mixes with rising regularity, with current releases together with landmark albums like Pink Floyd’s‌ ‌“The Darkish Facet of the Moon‌‌” and ‌the Seaside Boys’‌ ‌“Pet Sounds.”


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