5 Fast Affiliate Advertising Ideas for 2023

5 Fast Affiliate Advertising Ideas for 2023


I’ve discovered rather a lot in my motion packed years as an web marketer. Listed below are 5 of my finest affiliate marketing online ideas which have helped me develop into a “rich affiliate” and that you simply will not discover in cliche affiliate marketing online articles. 

Tip #1: Attempt to Rank for Key phrases with Purchaser Intent

Some key phrases are higher than others with regards to truly promoting merchandise. 

Attempt to create content material that features issues like…

  • “Your Affiliate Product”
  • “Coupon”
  • “Low cost”
  • “Supply”
  • “Prolonged Trial or Deal”

Rating for key phrases like “ConvertKit Coupon” or “Clickfunnels Low cost” will slender your viewers to solely the most well liked site visitors.

If somebody is searching for a coupon, they’re about to purchase.

Now, if you do not have a reduction or prolonged trial or one thing comparable, do not exit of your strategy to rank for it. That is very true if another person truly does have a code!

Tip #2: Contemplate CPC When Concentrating on Key phrases

The CPC of a key phrase is an effective signal of whether or not or not there’s cash to be made when rating for it. Excessive value means excessive revenue potential for somebody and in case your affiliate is related to that key phrase, that somebody might be you.

CPC and Affiliate Advertising

If you’re a blogger you should try and get as much organic traffic to high dollar keywords as you can.

Tip #3: Add Your Own Value to Your Affiliate Offers

The best affiliate marketers still hustle their asses off. This means getting creative and thinking outside the box when it comes to how you are pitching affiliate products. 

Here is an example of a value add that me and 3 partners put together for the launch of a high end course. 

We gave a LOT of value but we profited much more by doing so.

Anyone who purchased through our affiliate link received access to all of our bonuses.

Affiliate perks

Here are some examples of perks you can add to make your offers more enticing. 

  • Free training (recorded or personal) showing users how to get the most out of whatever you sold them.
  • Free products that complement the product. 
  • Discounts on your own products. 

Get creative and create that nudge that turns your warm traffic into buyers. 

Tip #4: Stop Running Ads Directly to Your Affiliate’s Sales Page

An affiliate marketers goal isn’t just to send traffic to the sales pages of their affiliates. Their real job is to warm up traffic and send it to their affiliate’s sales page. 

Paid traffic to blog posts

So stop running paid ads for affiliate products that go directly to your affiliates landing page!

I run most of my traffic to my blog but I have also had success creating blog style posts in Clickfunnels. These are landing pages that are crafted like blog posts and can then link to anywhere you’d like. 

If you must run traffic straight to affiliate sales pages, do it with a pixeled audience from your blog

If someone has read an article on your blog regarding one of your affiliate products, they are warm traffic and might be ready to buy if you put the sales page right in their face. This is the only exception. 

Tip #5: Try to Get in Early 

This isn’t like the other tips that you can immediately implement.

This requires you to develop mindfulness and try and identify “the next big thing,” and see if you can be one of the first to promote it. 

I have gotten in early with a number of products and was able to reap the benefits of being the first affiliate to market them. 

Keep this in mind and it might end up being the smartest affiliate marketing move you will ever make.


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